offline Bjael Hero The Eyeballs
Friday 20/04/2007, 22:07

Hey there, I hope you could help me maiking the best elo deck of Fang Pi Clang/Nightmare. I got full collection in both clans so i just need to know the best deck smiley

offline ravvel Hero  
Friday 20/04/2007, 23:23

Something like this could work:
windy mor
xia leming


not many cards with damage reduction in this clans but plenty of damage and life gaining abilities, if played right it could be a decent deck

offline Bjael Hero The Eyeballs
Saturday 21/04/2007, 08:34

Hmm thx, but i dont like the idea of Ielena (R)

offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Saturday 21/04/2007, 12:20

What instead ? Estalt ? He won't cut it and Ielena is better anyways.

Ielena rocks with her ability. And if you are able to play her with fury, you just created a total life difference of 10 hitpoints with an 8 power card. Tell me again that's not good.

I personally don't like Mojo too much. Imho Mojo get's only good with fury which is kinda predictable in that case. I would use Dieter instead.

offline ravvel Hero  
Saturday 21/04/2007, 15:39

I played in elo some matches with a nightmare/pussycats deck in different versions. although estalt has greater damage and can win against the "great" cards of the game he also can lose quite easily to any power 5 card... ielena has good "muscle power" and with fury she can make, as ibtd said, a life difference of 10, sometimes enough to win a match.

mojo also can make a life difference of 9 with fury, the reason I've put mojo is based on the idea of a deck where all cards can deal massive damage or gain lots of life points so that the opponent never know what's going to hit him.

On the other hand dieter is a decent card and can help a lot against cards that rely upon their abilities. It depends on the metagame, mojo is a bit more scary for the opponent but dieter can help in many situations.

it's all up to you to test and tweak the deck

offline Bjael Hero The Eyeballs
Saturday 21/04/2007, 15:56

Okay smiley

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