offline Avatar_V Veteran  
Thursday 21/06/2007, 03:49

Hi all - I just started playing yesterday smiley On these forums, I see people talk about some clans that pair well together. Can someone please explain what makes two clans a good match for a deck?


offline 0l_Dysval_l0 Imperator Mega Mega Ultra Deluxe
Thursday 21/06/2007, 08:35

Well it all depends on thier bonus's. You get a clan bonus for having 2 of them in play on the field so ideally you want a deck made up of 4 cards from 2 different clans. With that in mind choose 2 clans that fit your play style.

Clans that synce up in that one is a blocking clan, another is an offensive clan. Generally.

Although you cant go wrong with this deck.. Which is lame tbh.





offline buayasg Imperator  
Thursday 21/06/2007, 11:00


offline ZEPPELlN Hero  
Thursday 21/06/2007, 11:49

IMO, sticking with 1 clan is best, because you will always get the bonus....

for 2 clans:
Offense (power)-Defence
Offense (damage)- Defence
or pure offense.....

offline VenZacTocl Senior  
Friday 22/06/2007, 09:35

For me..I would choose nightmare and uppers....uppers can reduce enemies atk and nightmare stops their bonuses...kenny and mojo is awesome for its ability

offline 0 Prophet-Cr Colossus  
Friday 22/06/2007, 11:03

Just remember though nightmare depend on their life gaining ability's and stop opp ability crushes them , uppers are a great choice one of the best defense bonuses and with cards like jackie and dorian they can do great damage

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Friday 22/06/2007, 11:32

The truth is using 2 clans is the best because you can put the 4 best cards from each clan in a deck.
There are absolutely no clans with 8 really good cards smiley
And even if you use 2 clans, there is like 80% chance you'll get your bonus anyway.. (and if you don't get the bonus, you still end up with a very good card)

offline 0 Prophet-Cr Colossus  
Friday 22/06/2007, 12:01

Yh every clan has some great cards and 2 clans is the easy option and possibly a leader if u can afford one

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Sunday 24/06/2007, 08:22

I Would Choose The Damage+_ And Power+_ Like Bangers And La Junta But Other Clans Are Good Too Try Out Leader I don't Have Leader Cards But It's Powerful Try Getting One With Credits

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Sunday 24/06/2007, 08:28

Good Luck On You!Leader Is More Powerful Get Them!smiley

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