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Friday 27/07/2007, 08:50

I started a week ago and invested some real cash in a few packs. I fought until lvl 10 and then locked myself into the Lost Warehouse.
Now I have maxed all my cards (except 4 insignificant ones) and my plan is to sell out and buy the best possible deck to fight with. But I need some serious advice.... smiley

I'm thinking about maybe selling Elya and get some 30k. then maybe buy some good, but cheaper cards.

I like the Fang Pi Clan (with Kerozinn maxed!) but I need at lest 2 new cards and what should be my second family?
I'd appreciate any and all advice! smiley

Here's what I got:

Amelia All Stars
Katsuhkay All Stars
Elya Fang Pi Clang
Kerozinn Fang Pi Clang
Xia Leming Fang Pi Clang
Kharl Freaks
Brandon Junkz
Bunny Junkz
Flyer Junkz
Mitch La Junta
No Nam La Junta
Cell Nightmare
Ninja Nyne Pussycats
Svelthlana Pussycats
Ataoualpet Roots
Billy Bob Roots
Narendra Roots
Ratanah Roots
Globumm Sakrohm
Havok Sentinel
Chad Bread Ulu Watu
Coraille Ulu Watu
Gaia Ulu Watu
Nympheea Ulu Watu

offline AA--U_Magnus Imperator Autobot Avengers
Friday 27/07/2007, 12:16

Both elya and kerazosin will be collecter cards some day. Look at the Soleil (Sun) and it's prices will skyrocket. Personally i'd hang onto it.

You have some real good cards in your set Just not much that goes together. You have what could be the start of a FangPI/Ulu Watu deck. You have 2 of the tougher cards to come by in those sets. Elya/Gaia. Jeff is a very good 2 star with clan bonus. Costing under 200 right now.

I am assuming you are looking for an ELO deck? Anyway check the forum here and with what you got i'd say go with Fang Pi/ Ulu Watu.

Sell some of the other stuff, if you must, Havock can get you almost 8k now.

I hope that helps.

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