offline Montan4 Senior  
Wednesday 06/09/2006, 19:08

Z0mg! why doesnt anybody post a strategy , tips. for the game like: Firstspend Bla Bla Bla Pillz or, tips abouyt credits or Clintz

u only talk about ur deck, Shut ur ass about ur deck, nobody care's i thing about ur deck, talk about something good, like tips and real strategy's,

offline KevinCastle15 Imperator  
Wednesday 06/09/2006, 19:23

Your right people do only talk about there decks so what y do u care nobodys asking you to put your deck so u should shut up if u read the title of the board youll see it says strategy and tactics. strategy has to do with a deck retard so u shut up dont go in here and whine and complain we u cant back up you facts dude if u dont want to have a strategic deck then thats up to u but to go tellin other people to stop posting stuff about there deck.

offline DeftMute Guru dead rabbits
Wednesday 06/09/2006, 20:19

I like to use strategies and play pillz
but oi yayoi

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Sunday 10/09/2006, 00:02

Strategy: Determine your opponents play style before 3rd round. Otherwise youcould be wasting your resources where they would be better someplace else. More on this in the AOD forums.

offline RufusJonz Imperator Army of Darkness
Monday 11/09/2006, 10:20

I cant give all my secrets smiley -- noob climbing the ranking board

offline EVO-Sivori Senior  
Monday 11/09/2006, 19:28

That's right.

offline Eldimari Veteran  
Monday 11/09/2006, 22:17

Ok u want a stratagy send me all your cards

infact just send me your credit card number and social security number

great stratagy dont u think

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