Thursday 03/05/2007, 13:00

I dont know why but i just have this weird feeling that Jackie is the next Cr...Uppers dont have any Cr;s cards besides for Jim that went recently...and Jackie isnt being used much since she got kicked out of Elo...just a thoughtsmiley...what do you guys think

Soldier On

Thursday 03/05/2007, 14:45

Yopsmiley nice idea

Thursday 03/05/2007, 14:52

Yup...anyway if she becomes cr we warsmiley

Thursday 03/05/2007, 15:08

What about amanda cr?

Thursday 03/05/2007, 16:29

People are saying Chloe might become a cr

Thursday 03/05/2007, 16:42

That would make sense because she has a clone
what about allstars? i know they are a fairly new clan but they don't have any crs

Thursday 03/05/2007, 16:48

Keep the original, make Miss Chloe a CR card. She's only limited edition if i recall...

Thursday 03/05/2007, 17:16

All Stars from my point of view is a new clan...nightmares are a bit newie too...smiley
I think the old ones here are fang pi's Otome,Tatane and many moresmiley

Thursday 03/05/2007, 19:09

I think that Fang Pi Clan, All Stars, and Ulu Watu are the next to go. And there is one more collector besides Jim in Uppers, Armanda Cr

Friday 04/05/2007, 09:54

Probably all the Soleil cards will become CR at some point. There are just a few left, I think they will be next. smiley


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