Friday 27/07/2007, 19:35

Is this the order wich determins wich poison affects u if your poisoned twice?
1.The one with the lower min.
2.If they have the same min then the one with the more damage per round
3.If they have the same damage and min then the one that poisoned u first.

Friday 27/07/2007, 21:50

U can't get posioned twice the second one will cancel the 1st one so if u were posione 2 min 1 but thn poisoned 1 min 1 then it would stay on poison 1 min 1 am i right?

Friday 27/07/2007, 23:20

This Has No Sense.

Saturday 28/07/2007, 07:38

How does poison work by the way??

Wednesday 01/08/2007, 16:09

I know you can't be poisoned twice.Darth Telsa I don't think you are right.I've poisoned my opponet twice and the poison that affects him follows these rules.When I poison them once with Rosa and then wtith shieatine shietines poison was the one that worked.


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