offline Deceit Master  
Friday 03/08/2007, 11:23

So I have played for a few day's and noticed most of the time people in first place in the tournies are below lvl 10? Ummm somethings not right there, its probably cause the noobie room lags the least. I just dont get it, I have a decent deck, all my cards are between lvls 2-4 i win every match....but the person in number always seems to have twice as many points as me. Anyone know how the heck they finish matches so fast? Like I said all I can think of is the noobie room lags just power lvling to 20 to play the real tourney EVO!

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Friday 03/08/2007, 13:59

In a tournament, you dont play EVO smiley
And the less stars you use in total for a match, the more points you get.

offline Symbolic Hero  
Friday 03/08/2007, 14:22

Well the only thing I can think of is that there is way more of them, and they are eagar to level up and get betters cards, also they are playing with alot of un evovled cards which give them larger amounts of points.

offline Deceit Master  
Friday 03/08/2007, 14:39

I meant i want to play ELO sorry, anyway heresmy deck can someone tell me why i cant keep up with number 1 in tourneys. I stay close to them but they pull farther and farther away it seems like there playing matches twice as fast as me.

2 bruce lvl 3
2 bryan lvl 4
1 J rambo lvl 3


1 charlie lvl 4
1 delores boss lvl 2
1 yayoi lvl 3
1 svelthene lvl 3

offline -Falchion- Imperator  
Friday 03/08/2007, 14:39

Depends how many matches you can i can get 100 pts in 15 minutes or so without no problem if all my opponents dont take too long, and about 25-35 pts per battle if i win and sometimes like 15-20 if i lose so its not much between winning and losing

offline AgentScarecrow Master  
Friday 03/08/2007, 14:47

Do you win by KO every match?
Do you use all of your pillz?
That influences your score.

Don't forget that they may have "borrowed" cards from their guild mates, or purchased many packs at the shop to build the
ultimate deck.

Then, of course, the winner is below lvl10 cuz with his ultimate pack, he fights noobs and people with starter deck.
You won't see that many winners in the higher lvl rooms cuz everyone has had the chance to evolve their decks there.

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Friday 03/08/2007, 18:17

Do you win all the time?
How many point do you get every battle?

Always try to save 2-3 pills
Play lower star against higher star.

And if you want to earn quick points play EVO style during tournament. It is simple but you needs lots of unevolve cards to keep your points comming.

offline Deceit Master  
Friday 03/08/2007, 19:58

Ok I hunted and hunted, heres the trick for all the noobs like me...stock unevolved cards that are ABOUT to lvl up put a few in your deck at the start of a tourney. For example get a 3/4 star card. allllllmost lvl 4, I mean to where theres hardly any room at all before lvling. Make your deck, and throw like 2 of those in there.((make sure they dont suck)). Then whether you win or lose POOF they lvl and you get *5 whatever there lvl the previouse example thats 15 extra points, in addition to wins, round stats ect ect., go to your deck screen and restock these Batteries as I call them with more almost lvl'd cards and poof you dont suck anymore.

PS:Im on of the noobs who spent a bunch of money on cards, I think Iv went through about 40,000 credits trying to find the type of deck i wanted toplay lol

offline Symbolic Hero  
Friday 03/08/2007, 20:20

If you really want to rank higher try using a deck that uses only one clan like La Junta:

Jane Ramba
Jane Ramba
Jane Ramba

offline Deceit Master  
Friday 03/08/2007, 23:10

Its impossible to rank number 1 without lvling up cards well playing, a bonus of 20xp from a card going to 4 to 5 or 15 for a card going from 3-4.......the winners farm that. They take the time to get the cards ALMOST lvl'd then once they lvl they switch em out for ones that HAVNT leveled. Watch ill win a tourney in a few days. Honestly though the payout isnt worth all the time, ELO has much better rewards.

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