offline 0- JP PI Master NOYP!
Tuesday 19/12/2006, 12:54

Which is more worth it if don't have a credit card?
Given the example that you have no cards in common and you have time to spare to actually save up for the 50 credits the long hard way but actually having the oppertunity to get a card with 5 stars? Or is it better to actually save up for 40 credits and buy 2 packs hoping to get rare cards?

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Tuesday 19/12/2006, 13:23

Yeah if u want u could want to have full deck since u get more cards than having 2 booster packs(cool,action,danger,new blood)

offline Roscoe Senior  
Wednesday 20/12/2006, 13:27

Well since you have a lot of time, you can go for the 50 credit ones. smiley

you get an extra 1 and a half card. smiley hehehe.

though the 20 credit ones are nicely filtered. incase ur after specific clan cards... but still... three cards is a little risky.

If your crazy enough though, why not just buy credits and buy the cards you really want in the market. we cant sell our extra cards anyways since we have problems buying credits for now. smiley

offline -TCG- Draigar Guru night school
Thursday 21/12/2006, 15:40

How do you trade cards in this game? (just asking cuz I'm new)

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Friday 22/12/2006, 04:08

smileysmileyi bought a pack instead, decks are for those who have lots money, hehe! smileysmiley

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