Tuesday 24/04/2007, 05:09

It looks like the game code was recently updated. Among the changes there's a quick flash effect when a card dies and it then goes Gray. I don't know if this has happened to other people, but there appears to be a bug when the flash happens that locks the game up. If that happens to you, reload the browser and resync your game quickly. I wound up losing two matches to time outs today before I realized what was happening.

Tuesday 24/04/2007, 06:06

Yeah I noticed the changes too today, but so far I have not encountered the problem you mentioned.smiley

Tuesday 24/04/2007, 06:14

The Gray is just added animation when you knock an opponent's card... but when it freezes, then i think you need to update your Flash player, i had a similar problem before but the update fixed it right up.
GGs! smiley

Tuesday 24/04/2007, 06:32

It happened to me several times yesterday

Tuesday 24/04/2007, 06:47

Ok I spoke too soon. My flash is updated but I just got that prob, once a moment ago. I immediately refresh the page and then resume the game.

Tuesday 24/04/2007, 12:08

I had the newest update when it froze

Tuesday 24/04/2007, 12:21

The Gray freeze has been fixed this morning.
You should automatically get the latest version when you play.


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