I don't know how to play my pillz.. Please help?

Wednesday 25/04/2007, 19:35

How do you play your pillz? i have no idea how to beat ppls : / smiley

Wednesday 25/04/2007, 21:06

Well... nobody can answer a question as unspecific as this. It depends on your cards and your opponent's cards...

Thursday 26/04/2007, 00:42

I like to use three different types of pill playing tactics... (1) use no pills on your weakest card and 4 pillz on all of the rest.....(2) wait until your opponent has only 6-0 pillz left and then use 6 pillz on 2 of your monsters [preferably the ones that have the highest damge rate] and 0 pillz on the first 2 weaker monsters... (3) use 3 pillz on every monster ( pretty simple, this is popular by most players) Those are my 3 most liked pill plans so I hope you use them to your advantage!smileysmiley

Thursday 26/04/2007, 01:55

How to play your pills depends on your style, your cards, your opponent's cards, your opponent's style, and the current situation. Basically, this requires experience and the only way to get more experience is to play more, learn through your mistakes as well as what you did right.


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