offline XC 1984 Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Monday 30/04/2007, 19:51

Clara macumba lihoi chun xia lemming feelyn gwen dolores boss windy mor plz send your comments and say how i can improve it

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Monday 30/04/2007, 20:33

Lihoi chun should be replaced with marlysa if you can get her

offline AOD Teh0n3 Master Army of Darkness
Monday 30/04/2007, 20:50

Em dude you can use all not fully evolved cards in your evo deck!!!

offline The Lynxx Imperator Army of Darkness
Monday 30/04/2007, 21:30

I don't think anyone is too concerned about what cards are in your EVO deck. Just put any of your non-evolved cards in.

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Monday 30/04/2007, 22:19

What for is the deck evo elo or somting other for evo youst put unevolved cards in deck and play

offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Monday 30/04/2007, 23:45

I think he actually meant ELO. At least the star count of his cards in a fully evolved state is 25.

And like Neko mentioned, Marlysa is far better than Lihoi Chun and I would use Elya instead of Windy Mor. Well, I guess Windy Mor does as well. But Elya is a great bait.

Also, Kati might be more valuable than Macumba. In the end, the Stop Opp Ability from Kati will win more games than the -5 Opp Attack from Macumba.

I like Clara. But most people would replace her with Charlie right away. Yayoi is another decent card that should be played in a Pussycat deck. You can either replace Clara with a Charlie on level 4 and then kick Dolores Boss in favor of Yayoi or you keep Clara and you switch Dolores Boss for Yayoi and use a 2 star Gwen instead of a fully leveled one.

Problem with Pussycats decks is that they tend to be extremely expensive. Well, to wrap it all up again, here's one of the possible decks:

Fang Pi Clang 12*

Kati 4*
Elya 3*
Xia Leming 3*
Marlysa 2*

Pussycats 13*

Clara 5*
Yayoi 4*
Gwen 2*
Feelyn 2*

The average power of the cards isn't that bad, but just like JP once told me, this deck can still easily be overpowered by clans with attack boosting or decreasing bonusses. Hope that helps a bit.

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Tuesday 01/05/2007, 05:54

Nice suddgestion Ibtd, smiley

The only changes i would prefer are to change Kati for Charlie *4, then change Xia Leming to Windy Mor to counter Lamar, this tactic makes it even better since Charlie at level *4 can be used as a bait card or a chump blocker. Elya is a character that can stand on her own with out her bonus, just be smart enough to play her during your turn... If your opponent has Stop Opp Ability , then play her with one pill and see how your opponent will react... will he over commit?
Clara is cool to me, with the Freaks in the game and the super strong bonus of the All Stars, she can outmatch a desperate Striker trying to do some damage with 7 pills. Lastly, i would honestly play Ulu Watu instead of the Fang Pi Clang, their grip on ELO has weakened, but their remaining supporting cards are still a threat to any deck in ELO with Nanook, Gaia and Gabrielle.

GG's! smiley

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