offline Baron WMD Master  
Wednesday 30/05/2007, 05:32

Hello all fools and morons,
I'm quite fed up with your average idiot in the Lost Warehouse and I have decided to write this to teach people how to use this room and the nature of EVO.
For those of you who do not speak english, EVO is obviously short for "evolve". By putting EVO in your name you are implying that your purpose is to EVO (or to "evolve"smiley your cards. In order to evolve cards more quickly it seems that our more senior players have created the "EVO" system. The idea behind the system is that:
1st player plays his first card with 6 pills, then 2nd card 0 pills, then 3rd card 6 pills, then 4th card 0 pills .... while
2nd player plays his first card with 0 pills, then 2nd card 6 pills, then 3rd card 0 pills, then 4th card 6 pills.
The reason why this is done is so that the match ups can be very predictable and so that each game has 4 full rounds so that all of your cards played gain some experience.

NOW! that's the simple part that every idiot knows. However, many are too stupid or selfish to read, care, or understand about how the lost warehouse works.

Please read Part 2 of this post to learn how to play well and efficiently evolve your characters!

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Wednesday 30/05/2007, 05:59

EVO is not supported officially. EVO has no real utility anymore.
Please play normallly in the Lost Warehouse.

Thread closed (I validated it so everybody knows).

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