offline CrimsonWaltz Guru Anarchist
Friday 01/06/2007, 04:07

Hello to everyone,i wonder why theres so called "danger zone",when people play elo games on dark corners,i experience this always 10-12 am philippines time(which in france i think is alread 2-4 am in the morning:*-correct me if im wrong),anyone got a so called comment?smiley

offline ernieq Imperator  
Friday 01/06/2007, 05:43

My 'so called comment' is that Danger Zone is not equal to ELO zone. If some people want randomness in their ELO matches,
they can play in Dark Corners.

And you can play non-elo in Danger Zone too.

offline A_N_N_A Titan  
Friday 01/06/2007, 07:11

Randomness is part of this game for me.

As biggest example in standard rules pillz have diminishing returns, aka the more pillz you play the less difference they mean. In Danger zone every pill is equal and putting all egs in one basket is considered clever.

Also, clans with +att are better off in normal rules as they tend to play the game of chances where they tend to have non-trivial chance to win (lets take a half decent card like Kawan, he has 6+8=14 att with no pillz, vs a power 8 card with 6 pillz played aka 7 in total he has 20% chance to win and thats not small at all). It kinda feels good to me, never giving up and having chance even against impossible odds.

For me, danger zone eliminates one aspect of the game, making already simple game even simplier (not easier). Also in danger zone you have to count, in dark corners you can play by instinct. Also, the game has very finite number of variants so i am afraid danger zone might have a clear winning strategy making it about as fun as tic-tac-toe. Anyone done some research on this?

It is good to have different ruleset to change the game and keep it fresh but i am new and not yet bored with my game. I will come to you some day may be or may be you will come to me. I would welcome some high rank ELO players to feed on.

offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Friday 01/06/2007, 08:16

My 2 cents is that majority of the noobs play helps them 1. Gain skill and 2.Rely on blind luck to make the win...if it works for them who are we to judge smiley

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Friday 01/06/2007, 08:35

If you want to be frustrated by random play in dark corners. And Dark Corner is good for people who still doesn't have a good deck as they can with some luck win against guys with better decks

offline ReverseRaven Hero  
Friday 01/06/2007, 08:48

Exactly. I love Danger Zone because the randomizer makes me kiss its ***.smiley

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Friday 01/06/2007, 09:21

Many players go to another room when the danger zone is a bit empty

offline A_N_N_A Titan  
Friday 01/06/2007, 11:45

None of you is aware that Danger zone is *major* change in the game? Who is the noob here?

offline A_N_N_A Titan  
Friday 01/06/2007, 11:50

... just to explain if explanation is necessary... if you think 1000 minus 100 is remotely comparable to 1000 divided by 100 you give me the former and i give you the later in clintz

offline ReverseRaven Hero  
Friday 01/06/2007, 12:12

Well, I'm pretty new. So I wouldn't know what the game was like without the DZ.

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