Tuesday 03/04/2007, 02:33

I've asked this question before...but I don't think it was posted.I've studied the rules of combat and reward and cannot fathom this result.
Won the game playing OLD (no pilz).12 pills left against a fully-leveled deck and awarded only 1 point.This has even happened to me when I KO people.How is such a megre return possible?
It also happens when play normal-style....so it's not a pill-factor.

Wednesday 04/04/2007, 09:35

Wtf! do u have a guild you should make a all aussie guild!smiley

Wednesday 04/04/2007, 22:48

Bloodmoor: if you play too many battles during a short period of time agains't the same player/ip, you're affected by our anti-cheat system that reduce pts & clintz to 1.
We don't mind if you do that to level up your cards, that's why XP for cards is not affected by the anti cheat system.

Thursday 05/04/2007, 14:25

Lol, battling yourself for easy points? Pretty cheap

Thursday 05/04/2007, 16:28

Cool fraggle this is cool...so i can challenge my opponent 100 times... and i get 100 pts and 100 clintz...im sure of it smiley

Friday 06/04/2007, 00:27

Errr.....ok.How soon is too soon?I can't say if this is the reason because I don't really keep track of who I play because I always just accept challenges and don't challenge myself.


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