offline 0 Scythy Guru  
Tuesday 08/05/2007, 21:08

How are people getting so many points in so little time?

I've tried using a completely 2 star deck but that only warrants me about 13 points, and a full 5 star only gets me around 10-11. I don't really understand how people are amassing so much points so fast.. Could anyone explain this to me?

offline ATild Imperator  
Tuesday 08/05/2007, 22:28

I tried to post the same question 3-4 hours ago.....

i get between 20-26 per win .... but this just doesn't compare to other ppl i think

offline impysin Senior (¯`·.._.·S.I.N·._..·´¯)
Tuesday 08/05/2007, 23:25

Organized play cheating

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Wednesday 09/05/2007, 00:19

Even 20-26 per win is pretty amazing, i'm lucky if i get 20 for a win.
it depends a lot on card level, and player level... which cards win, which ones lose... it's hard to say.

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Wednesday 09/05/2007, 00:21

Oh, also, it involves having pillz left after a KO, getting a few extra points that way.
how you win matters, KO, oe regular win.
otherwise, this subject is really up in the air... really far in the air.

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Wednesday 09/05/2007, 01:01

I get 30 pts per battlesmileysmileysmiley
Its because i evo cards...if i dont win i get less 20 pts....the magic is the cards that are about to level up is to be up on the you 5 pts per card that levels...awesome isnt it?Low star count is another one...there are some good cards i think i use:
fang pi clang
la junta
as long as you keep 1 bonus you can win...just be patient....another is the level 2 coraille...not bad she hits i try using it with ulu bonus...not bad too smiley

Some are very sloppy on evo...just try not to fury or ko ur opponent in 3rd roundsmiley

offline Daemonfire Veteran Missdarkness Guild
Wednesday 09/05/2007, 01:09

Hrm, that's strange, if you win with a completely two star hand, you should have 16 points already. Then add the fact that you probably have to win at least two rounds, so about 6-10 more points...

Anyway, I'm assuming the really good players use low star counts against high ones. Let's go with a two-star hand, which starts at 16 points for a win. if you beat 3 five-stars, that's another 15 points. Add a few extra from a KO and you have 30-35 battle points. Then all you have to worry about is playing someone with a slow connection who times out...

The other option is to collect as many characters that are just about to level and get 5 points for leveling each of them. Even if you lose every battle, you could level 20 characters and get a hundred points... I don't know how well that works though.

offline 0 Scythy Guru  
Wednesday 09/05/2007, 02:41

I usually don't win with the 2 star hand smiley I get mutilated by a lost hog, kinjo one hit. smiley

offline Stalkingdemon Guru  
Wednesday 09/05/2007, 03:56


you nailed it. smiley
thats how they do it

offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Wednesday 09/05/2007, 06:13

I use this deck:

Jackie 4*
Zatman 3*
Zatman 3*
Frankie Hi 3*
Frankie Hi 3*
Rubie 3*
Samantha 2*
Samantha 2*

As you can see all the cards are either 2 or 3 stars, except for Jackie. I still have to replace her with either a second Rubie or a third Zatman. Probably even another Samantha. It would raise my average battle points again a bit.

The trick is to KO your opponent preferably after fight 4 with having 3 pillz left. That way you get 5 extra points already. The rest of your points depends on the deck the opponent has. You should try to let Samantha win against 4 or 5 star cards for massive battle points. The bonus of the Uppers saves you a lot of pillz too.

Last tournament I played I ended up second and I had a battle point average of 29.21 in 19 matches while even losing 2 of them to the randomizer.

It may sound unfair, but playing against players that are low in level and that are just Senior gives you the best chances to win without problems. Doesn't make much sense to challenge a Guru or Imperator who plays a powerful deck.

Then there are a few other things like what Sven mentioned. When a card levels it gives you a few extra points as well. I guess the highest battle points you can get is by having a full 1 star team against just 5 star cards and you win after round 4 with KO and 3 pillz left while all your level 1 cards level up smiley

Oh, and don't forget: finishing your first match at the moment the tournament starts gives you a head start too.


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