offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Monday 11/06/2007, 22:43

Ok, I thought I create a thread that's actually trying to give some look into ELO strategy and how you play there. I hope that everyone is willing to participate and in the end I hope that everyone learns from this thread.

The idea is that I give you the match setting of one of my matches (the hands and what card my opponent played) and that you guys post what you would play and why if you were playing this match. And then, after a while, I'm gonna post what really happened and we continue afterwards. The goal is to get a discussion going about this particular match so we all benefit from it.

OK, here we go. The match took place in the Danger Zone which means we had NO RANDOMNESS enabled for this match.

This is the hand my opponent had (yet another Pussycat/Sakrohm deck):

Feelyn 2*
Yayoi 4*

Uranus 3*
Graksmxxt 4*

And this is my draw (it's the worst possible draw I can have with my deck):

Gina Glitt 2*
Rubie 3*

Sheitane 2*
Dieter 3*

With my opponent having 13 stars on the board and me only having 10, he had to play first.

His first play is arguably bad, but we are not here to discuss what he did right/wrong, so I just give you the play:

He opened the match with Feelyn. I will tell how many pillz later.

OK guys, now it's your turn to get this thread going. Just post your thoughts on what you would play in my place.

If it is required to post the power/damage and the abilities of the different cards, just let me know.


offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Tuesday 12/06/2007, 01:28

Play sheitane +4 pillz, 5 total so your attack would be 20 (4 power times 5 pillz)

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Tuesday 12/06/2007, 04:30

Sheitane will be non-sense,yayoi will block,then feelyn,uranus and graksmxxt will be freely to attack....
i think the best move is to use rubie,i dont know how many pillz but im sure if you put rubie,graksmxxt will have a 40 attack,so you put like 8-9 pillz,but still too risky,your draw is too bad,
If dieter you can get blocked by feelyn or graksmxxt,
if you play gina - yayoi will attack and next turn,graksmxxt can end the game

i think you have a bad draw,moreover your draw has all moderate power

Just my thoughts if your opponent goes first,like feelyn - i bet you did counter it with sheitane and maybe "bluffed" on rubie to beat yayoi with dieter then block uranus with ginasmiley

offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Tuesday 12/06/2007, 06:08

I would play Sheithane on 3 pillz.

offline ravvel Hero  
Tuesday 12/06/2007, 06:43

It all depends on the skills of that player.... if he opened the play with feelyn (not a very wise choice apparently although a good player might especially use her with 3-4 pillz to attract your sheitane)

round 1: you really should play sheitane, with a minimum of 4 pillz and hope he didn't put more than 3 pillz on feelyn (even with 3 pillz on feelyn it would be an equal attack situation).

IF your sheitane goes through that means 1 damage and 6 more from the poison in the next 3 rounds. so you think of 7 damage done.

in order to have a chance against higher power and bonus you need pillz advantage now, so the next move will be to draw some pillz from the opponent, that means playing a high damage card that the opponent would assume you want to go through, like rubie.

round 2: play rubie no pillz and try to draw as many pillz from the opponent, there are 2 possible situations : either he plays yayoi or graksmxxt, if he plays yayoi is pretty much game won for you ( he deals 6 damage, than you block graks with gina glitt, that means 2-3 damage (if he plays with fury) and then you attack with dieter vs uranus and deal 3 more damage, so you deal 7 from sheitane and 3 from dieter = 10 damage and the opponent 6 from yayoi and 2-3 from graks that means 8-9 damage.
worst for you it would be if he plays graksmxxt against your rubie, that would mean that you have to have enough pillz do defeat yayoi with your dieter, and the game wil go on pretty much as described

offline ravvel Hero  
Tuesday 12/06/2007, 06:52

So if you have enough pillz after bluffing with rubie to defeat yayoi with dieter, you just block uranus with gina glitt and then deal 3 damage with dieter vs yayoi., that means again 10 damage dealt by you and 7-8 damage dealt by the opponent

as i look now at all the possible situations is pretty clear that it all depends on sheitane turn 1, if I would be that player i would have clearly played yayoi 3 pillz turn 1 and even if I would have played feelyn as he did I would have put at least 4 pillz on her to prevent a sheitane attack it all depends on his skills

if you would assume he played feelyn with many pillz you could go with rubie 2-3 pillz against her, but that means 4 damage dealt and then you simply wouldn't have the power or the cards to bluff (sheitane would be useless for bluffing with his yayoi still in game)

so you have some chances to win especially versus a less skilled player and only because he played first

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Tuesday 12/06/2007, 08:55

See lol,raven has the same idea with me,bluff with rubiesmiley
me i use feelyn always 5 pillz,that beats kenny and sheitane with 5 pillz also smiley

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Tuesday 12/06/2007, 09:28

Definately play sheitane first turn! you'll be needing the 2 extra damage I guess. I'd play her with 4 pillz extra to pretty much ensure the win that you definately need. Offcourse I also suck pretty much at ELO, so who am I smiley

offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Wednesday 13/06/2007, 05:23

Alright, thank you guys for participating so far. I myself can say that I already learned something from your comments.

I was, of course, playing Sheitane in response to Feelyn. But I wasn't as conservative on my pillz as you guys suggested. I actually played Sheitane with 6 pillz bringing her to 28 attack. For some reason I expected Feelyn to come with 4 pillz which would mean 25 attack and I wanted to apply the poison badly.

It turned out that Feelyn only had 2 pillz with her, so I overdid it a little. But it can be pretty hard to guess what's going on sometimes.

Anyways, after round 1 it looks like this:

Me - 12 life, 6 pillz left

Still on hand: Rubie, Dieter and Gina Glitt

Opponent - 11 life, poison 2 min 1, 10 pillz left

Still on hand: Yayoi, Graksmxxt and Uranus

Some of you guys already said what should be the next move, but maybe there are different opinions after seeing what actually happened. Or there are comments about possible mistakes, be it my or my opponents.

Hope to hear from you what my next play should be.


offline ravvel Hero  
Wednesday 13/06/2007, 07:25

Besides bluffing with rubie in order to hope obtaining some pillz advantage that will enable you to later win a round with dieter, there could be other equally risky choices: for example playing rubie with all six pillz

scenario 1: he counters with yayoi, he needs 6 pillz to defeat rubie with her bonus, him being at 10 pillz it's pretty risky for him (especially if he suspects a bluff from rubie). if rubie goes through that means 4 damage delt. next round he plays graks or uranus with fury and deals 7 damage and the last round his last card with fury against gina glitt and deals 3 damage. that means a total of 10 damage delt by him and a total of 11 damage delt by you (1 from sheitane +6 poison + 4 rubie)

scenario 2: he counters with graks, that means he only needs 4 pillz to defeat rubie and that means he will be left with 6 pillz for yayoi - enough to defeat your dieter or gina glitt. (and of course leaving his yayoi for the last round to not give you the chance of a draw) in this scenario there isn't much you can do

so, the conclusion is: if you lost 6 pillz turn 1 that means playing rubie turn 2 bluffing or for real would be a really bad play against a decent opponent (4 pillz for graks and 6 pillz for yayoi, really easy job for him)

the other option for turn 2 would be dieter, if you bluff and he counters with yayoi or graks you could obtain enough pillz advantage to defeat uranus with rubie - that means him spending at least 4 pillz on his yayoi or graks

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