offline Darko EVO Guru  
Friday 15/06/2007, 00:13

This is my deck for ELO (besides the Freaks ia have), so what do you think ?

Fang Pi 14*

Kati 4*
Macumba 4*
Windy Mor 3*
Xia Leming 3*

Pussycats 11*

Yayoi 4*
Feelin 2*
Dolores Boss 3*
Alice 2*

I want to take off Alice to put Cassio , but i'm waiting for the prices to go down

offline Skimsa Guru  
Friday 15/06/2007, 09:55

I would suggest taking macumba out and replacing her with marlysa and then replace dolores Boss with a charlie.

offline ravvel Hero  
Friday 15/06/2007, 10:16

Marlyssa lvl 2
windy mor lvl 2
kati lvl 4
kerozinn lvl 5

yayoi lvl 4
charlie lvl 5
cassio lvl 2
gwen or svelthlana lvl 1

there you have a decent elo deck... of course there are many possible variations.
the deck lacks some muscle power but it has good damage, another option would be clara instead of charlie

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Friday 15/06/2007, 14:47

Kerozinn a must havesmiley
hey man i also used that decksmiley,though i swap windy mor for level 3 and charlie for a level 4,clara is also a good pick,lots of stop abilities and stop bonus,you can call raven's deck: " a killer deck "smiley,its very awesome

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