Blood Life deck

Tuesday 27/02/2007, 16:46

I was wondering if it's a possible answer. I've been using this deck for a while and it's well won me a lot of games but not enough to be officaily my deck ;__;. But it's an Elo deck that can stop both Pussycats and Sakrm if used right. that way the minus damage does little to nothing. With the help of Leader, I suggest Timber or Ambre, now that she's stronger. but try these.

Perle - 3 stars 7-1
Lelena- 5 stars 8-3
Kenny- 4 stars6-3
Ambrose- 3 stars 5-3
Sheitane- 2 stars 6-1
Gheistling 1 star 3-1
Nikki 2 stars 2-2 as the baiter card if used with Ambre she is an 8-2 ;-)
(Timber- 5 stars 6-6 or Ambre- 5 stars 6-4)

But that's one of my decks, see how it works out for you.

Wednesday 28/02/2007, 14:20

You can use perele,lelena,kenny,Sheitane,Timber,Ambre only those cards are good:*:

Thursday 01/03/2007, 04:59

I agree, :thumbsup:
GG's! :pirate:

Thursday 01/03/2007, 17:52

It's not about being overwhelmingly good, you need cards that you can sacrafice :P :evil: :P

Thursday 01/03/2007, 22:52

Yeah but he has 2 cards with level one or 2 wat they both got picked
then u ll be givin z game in

Friday 02/03/2007, 17:49

It is teribble deck........Perle is only one card from Junkz

Friday 02/03/2007, 18:51

Yep - no bonus at all and Perle, Ielena, a Leader and Kenny - thats 19 stars for 4 cards - how do you find another 4 cards just for 6 stars? no way... and bonus is what makes the ELO deck good or bad...

most deck use a plenty of stop opp ability that makes life gain impossible - or even damage reducing - like Gabrielle or pussycat bonus -2 damage makes impossible to harvest more than 2life even while using fury...


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