offline Blazediehard Novice  
Sunday 13/05/2007, 01:53

Hey can anybody tell me of a card that does at least 7 damage without using fury. i once saw someone using one and he killed me using only 2 cards, a really good card and a weak one, but i forgot what that card was. He did something like 9 or 10 damage. if you have any suggestions please tell me and the price of the card.

offline electricity Master  
Sunday 13/05/2007, 03:48

I think there are a lot of cards with 7 damage.

You can check the price in the market.

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Sunday 13/05/2007, 04:56

Now you can use the search form of my database to do such searchs, these are the ones I found

- lamar
- bodenpower
- fifty
- sum sam cr
- vermyn n
- lao cr
- lost hog
- sai san
- sigmund cr
- vladimir
- lots more characters

offline 0-FS WMD Veteran  
Sunday 13/05/2007, 06:41

There are a few..

Lost hog
Don are just 2. just look thru the market it tells u the power/dmg.

offline ernieq Imperator  
Sunday 13/05/2007, 09:19

Interestingly, Lost Hog, Kinjo, Lao Cr, and Flavio Cr can all KO you in ONE hit, as they do 8 damage, +2 for fury, and +2 from
their bonus.
Kinjo is listed as doing 5 damage, but his ability is damage +3.

offline ernieq Imperator  
Sunday 13/05/2007, 09:22

And also General Cr smiley

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 13/05/2007, 12:34

Flavio needs some power+smiley

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Sunday 13/05/2007, 17:27

I believe DJ Korr is 8/8, and tyler does 8 damage with the ability, Copper, and the Chloe cards are also 8 damage, and there are certainly a lot of 7 damage cards, No Nam, has 7 damage, and i think he's la junta, so +2 damage bonus.

offline Introspecies Veteran  
Tuesday 22/05/2007, 02:20

Like ernieq said there are some cards that one hit k o
I find these emensely useful not only 4 k o ing but also for faking out your opp

offline ReverseRaven Hero  
Wednesday 23/05/2007, 07:12

Yeah... A team of Lost Hog, Kinjo and Lao Cr changes the fight into a mind game... smiley

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