offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Friday 15/12/2006, 13:42

I would just like to know what the poison ability does...gheistling has this ability and i dont see the point of the poison abilty lol...smiley

offline Morder4Life Senior  
Friday 15/12/2006, 14:07

Poison X, Min Y
If your character wins the round, at the end of each of the following turn your opponent will lose X life point(s) if he has more than Y life point(s). If your opponent has Y or less life point(s), the poison effect is not triggered.
Very strong in the case of Nina.

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Friday 15/12/2006, 15:15

POISSSSSSSOOONNNN!!!! smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Saturday 16/12/2006, 01:33

So that is how posion works? Thanks for the info.....

offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Monday 18/12/2006, 04:52

Thanks Arshner well sounds like a pretty cool abilitysmiley

offline Gazelle28 Imperator  
Saturday 17/03/2007, 15:28

Poison bears no mark so its unoticable especially in tight situations.


offline Wylde_Bil_AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Sunday 18/03/2007, 01:11

A person can not be posioned twice either

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 18/03/2007, 11:04


offline zacharias Senior  
Sunday 18/03/2007, 11:15

I have Gheistling and i think it is a good card becuse 5 power and 3 damage poison so you just have to use it in a early round becuse then it does better damage, i have won battles becuse of that poison so i like it.

offline 0-Pochi Hero  
Sunday 18/03/2007, 13:29

Well, maybe your poison didn't work because your opponent use a card with stop opponent ability...
So your poison effect couldn't be triggered...
If you really fond of poisoning your opponent,
I suggest Nina(U), that's one of my best first round card smiley
But hardly work if my opponent have stop opponent ability...

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