Wednesday 14/03/2007, 21:14

I have been playing this game for about a month or two now and I have noticed that many people are running very much similar if not the same decks. So in hopes of inspiring others to use an abundance of different cards, I asking that others give out deck ideas, for example decks that you may have ran in the past but and had some success with. I personally am tired of seeing the Uppers and Ulu Watu clans used together in decks all of the time.

And since i brought the topic up i guess it would only be right if i contribute first. GHEIST / La Junta

June Ramba***
Bryan ****


Thursday 15/03/2007, 02:45

I agree! why does everyone want to have the same elo decks? here is a Nightmare/Roots that i'm still working on

Ielena *****
deiter ***
Sheitane **
thaumaturge ***

ratanah ****
nahi ***
Yookie ***
beltran **

Thursday 15/03/2007, 02:57

Its a cool deck however this is much better advice...swap for lvl 2 jane ramba then....u swap Gheistling for nin and then swap Vladimir for miss twice or XU52


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