offline Prysm CCU Guru  
Tuesday 20/03/2007, 16:11

Did you guys catch a glimpse at the new pols? Allowing all the characters into elo but restricting their abilities, or not to allow them. What are you kidding me? They want to do that to those magnificent cards? now friggin way! That's like nuddering you family dog are you serious! Give me a break! I'd rather they be disallowed in ELO then to allow them to come in limping. That's like kicking a man when he's down, or when Muhammad Ali tried to box after he was like 100 years. I dont like tha idea of doing it, even though I own every card except 6 of the collectors I think it's not fair and should not be allowed to pass. It won't revolutionize the game it will make it a joke to see a crippled DJ KORR or Vickie limping into battle to help lead their clans to victory, if that's the case then their value should be drasticly cut though I doubt that, the value may even sky rocket because of this, not one to complain but I forsee sad days in the future of Clint city smiley sad indeed smiley

offline 69 hoodrich Legend  
Tuesday 20/03/2007, 16:32

First off I think you are over reacting when you start talking about nuttering the family pet but you are right. Killing their stats wont solve the problem of seeing the same decks over and over again in elo. Depending on which cards are banned, banning cards may also just make people change their decks but soon after their will be thousands of people using the same deck. In truth I believe the only way to diversify the number of decks seen in elo is to change the bonuses. The main reason why the same decks are used repetitively in elo is because people understand the power of the bonuses. Imagine seeing wee lee or some of the other ulu watu cards without the plus two power, but maybe a plus 1 power. Think about there being an uppers deck with only minus 5 attack or something of the sort. This changes the concept of not putting pills on cards like zatman and frankie hi. It makes people use more pills on their ulu watu cards making them all more beatable. I am happy to see UR changing.

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