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Saturday 24/03/2007, 05:12

First, I'm the type of player that only gets 1 card every so often. So, when I want to EVO in the warehouse, I'll either have a lineup of 3 EVO 1 unEVO card OR all 4 cards evolved. What I do is if all 4 of my cards are evolved, I'll play all 4 rounds using no pills since winning/losing has no meaning here. If I have the 3 EVO 1 unEVO, I play the 12 pills on my unEVO cards turn. This way, my EVO card gets exp AND my opponant's cards get exp also. NOW, say I have the 3-1 lineup and i'm up against 2 EVO 2 unEVO. I will play pills ONLY if they go first using an evolved card. All turns where I go first, I dont use pills. I've been playing this way for a little while and EVERYONE i've played this way has sent thank messages afterward. I hope all that made sense. If you see me hangin out in the warehouse and you need to EVO, challenge me and find out how cool this tecnique is!!!

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