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Question about power

Question about power
Monday 23/04/2007, 18:23
RulzBreaker - Guru English

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Question about power
RulzBreaker - Guru - Perfect Defect EffectEnglish - Monday 23/04/2007, 18:23

Say i have a card who power already 8, the card bonus is +2 power, does it make the card base power go to 10? which means if i use 3 pill it will become 40atk? thank for answering.

0 Prophet-Cr - Titan English
Monday 23/04/2007, 19:18

Yh think tht works out
0- JP - Titan - † OVER KILL † English
Monday 23/04/2007, 19:19

Yes, GG's!
Diaboliz3r - Titan - Official PoxNora Guild English
Saturday 28/04/2007, 14:50

Wat about ...

enemy has ' power = power opp'
i have 'power -2'

so.. can i still i minus off his power AFTER he has taken over my power, or my skill 'power -2' has no effect?
6SimS-Sven - Guru - UTOPiA English
Saturday 28/04/2007, 15:23

For example phython(who has power opp ability) vs Feelyn(who has 5 power and a bility of -2 opp. power min 1)...this goes that it coppies the base power of a card...so phython coppies 5 base damage-2 power(because of ability)...so phython has 3 power
Diplo Cam - Eternal - Wise Men Distracted English
Saturday 28/04/2007, 15:43

As far as i know, 'power = power opp' refers to the power given on the card, and eventual modifiers are applied afterwards, so he gets your cards power -2
0- JP - Titan - † OVER KILL † English
Saturday 28/04/2007, 16:27

Yup, same goes with added power,
Skimsa - Imperator English
Saturday 28/04/2007, 17:37

I think the ability "power=opp. power" happpens before all the other abilities and bonuses that affect power.
RulzBreaker - Guru - Perfect Defect Effect English
Saturday 28/04/2007, 17:59

You still can minus cuz ability takes place first then bonus take place.
6SimS-Sven - Guru - UTOPiA English
Saturday 28/04/2007, 19:41

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