Thursday 26/04/2007, 09:06

Is your grade based on how many evolutions you achieve yourself? Or can you get the same amount of grade by buying a a cheap card at maxed evolution?

Thursday 26/04/2007, 09:27

Also, the rules and faq didn't specify this, so maybe they should be edited a bit.

(no edit button so double post for me! smiley)

Thursday 26/04/2007, 09:35

Grade is based on your collection, whereas you bought the card maxxed out or not.
In general, if you don't see something specified in the rules, it's because its not part of the rules smiley

Thursday 26/04/2007, 18:06

Your rank is based on your character's collection. Each character you own (except doubles) will get you respect points calculated using this formula : points = level * number of evolutions. Rank goes from Novice to Titan.
I guess this is what you mean.

Thursday 26/04/2007, 19:38

You just quoted the rules, which says nothing of my question. Thanks for sharing your oh so helpful copy paste.

Fraggle answered me, so I have my answer. Thanks Fraggle btw. smiley

Thursday 26/04/2007, 20:09



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