offline Baron WMD Master  
Sunday 03/06/2007, 05:38

Alot of people play with "EVO" in their name and play under the EVO playing style (6 pills, 0 pills, 6 pills, 0 pills). Fewer people play with "HAN" in their name and play under the HAN playing style (only god knows what that is).

I am proposing a new playing style called MPX which stands for Max Experience. This playing style would be used only in the lost warehouse and would signify to fellow players that your goal is to acheive Maximum Character Experience for each of your Characters by:

1. Ensuring that all 4 rounds of the battle are played;
2. Selecting Characters with the lowest amount of stars to attack and use 6 pills (if you play the first card in the round, then it should always be the card with least amount of stars and played with 6 pills);
3. Selecting Characters with the highest amount of stars to defend and use no pills (if you play the second card in the round, then it should always be the card with the highest amount of stars and played with no pills);
4. Making your deck have all unevolved characters (except for Vansaar, you may use multiple Vansaar's if you have a large deck).

If people would adhere to these guidelines, then we will all be out of the lost warehouse alot sooner and playing better in Daily Tourneys and in ELO mode. So, lets all agree to stop being stupid and start saving ourselves alot of time. Use the MXP in your nickname to show that you are not interested in wasting your (and other players' time).


offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 03/06/2007, 06:10

What you're suggesting is I believe very close to the HAN style of play. Though really.. I never exactly knew what HAN was, and it sort of died down one or two LH updates ago since it rendered HAN somewhat meaningless. At least I'm fairly certain that was the case. I could be delusional.


offline Baron WMD Master  
Sunday 03/06/2007, 08:23

Uhh stupid me .. I put MPX a couple of times .. I meant MXP .. if anyone does want to do this

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Sunday 03/06/2007, 08:43

You just suggested proper EVO all over again.
The only problem nowadays is that your rule 2 and 3 is useless since XP is calculated as if the lower level character has beaten the higher level character.

offline Strong Raist Guru Past Present and Future
Sunday 03/06/2007, 11:22

That is EVO dude.

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 03/06/2007, 13:30

Any mode will do,EVEN OLD WORKS FASTER THAN EVO,just use pillz if your getting knockoutsmiley

offline impysin Senior (¯`·.._.·S.I.N·._..·´¯)
Sunday 03/06/2007, 13:51

Han was basically to make sure the lowest level card won but since the exp is calculated as if the lower lvl one han is useless that why no one plays it. Best way to gain exp is to play high lvl vs low level

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Sunday 03/06/2007, 14:08

That is EVO and HAN is the same. That way of playing shouldn't be "named" or categorized, it should be the regular way of
playing he Old Warehouse.

I always play to lose the first two rounds being carefull not to be KO'd, then 12 pillz to survive and whatever luck wants for the
last round. Always if the opponent chooses proper matches (the highest stars vs lowest stars)

offline Baron WMD Master  
Sunday 03/06/2007, 14:41

Ok .. the reason why rules 2 & 3 should be followed are for the following reasons:

1. It creates a system by which the players can predict how the cards will be played for max xp;
2. it makes it less likely for either player to win since low level cards usually do less damage (as oppossed to having your higher level cards winning and causing lots of damage)

offline electricity Master  
Sunday 03/06/2007, 15:05

I think u just need a simple play in warehouse. Just make sure that play high lvl card vs low level and if ur card have high damage, do not put pillz on it smiley

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