offline Baron WMD Master  
Sunday 03/06/2007, 05:57

I realize that I have been typing some really stupid and insensitive rants on the public message board and for that I want to apologize to everyone. I was just upset by players in the lost warehouse, who I thought were wasting my time because they were going for quick wins, when I was intending to level my characters. I guess this is an inevitability of that room, but even still, I wish that would change. So, for what its worth, sorry if I offended anyone, and posts in the future should be more level-headed.


offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 03/06/2007, 06:08

For the record those posts (at least the ones I caught) never made it to the public forums. The process here is that when a post is made it is submitted for approval and the one of the Mods or Devs will read over it and then approve or deny it based on content. It's not a perfect system as sometimes things that shouldn't still get through (Mods are human after all).. but it's what we've got.


offline Baron WMD Master  
Sunday 03/06/2007, 06:19

By the way.. everyone should know that StormWind EVO is a gentleman and quite a sport. Truly if you are going to get in trouble you should hope and pray that this guy is the one who catches you. I'm really happy to see that we have such a helpful and efficient staff looking over us. Alright enough of this butt-kissing.


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