Wednesday 06/06/2007, 16:24

Let me expound my question with a situation I encountered today

My Saddy (with her bonus) was up against Sheitane (with her bonus).

Now, does Saddy's ability (Stop Opp Bonus) activate first, meaning that Sheitane's bonus is gone and I get my bonus of +2 power? Or does Sheitane's bonus activate first, stopping my +2 power while leaving Saddy's ability useless?

Wednesday 06/06/2007, 19:04

In that case Saddy goes first, cancels Sheitane's stop opp bonus, and you get +2 power

If something is not canceled by anything takes place first

Wednesday 06/06/2007, 19:21

It's not a "who goes first" issue. All Bonuses/Abilities activate at the exact moment they can, unless they are canceled.

In this case, Saddy's Ability and Sheitane's Nightmare bonus would both activate. Now because Saddy's ability says that Shetaine's Bonus is canceled, that free's Saddy's bonus.

Basically to my understanding here's what happens.

Saddy's Ability and Shetaine's Bonus both activate.

Shetaine's bonus cancels Saddy's bonus.
Saddy's Ability cancels Shetaine's Bonus

Since Shetaine's Bonus was canceled it no longer applies and Saddy's Bonus now works.

Attack Calculations begin and Saddy gets her +2 Power

Now this may not be exactly per the way it's coded, but the bottom line is, if something is canceled then it will fail to work. Even if it's effect is to cancel something else. (See below for the only exception to this rule)

The Exception:
When Two of the same cancellation type run head to head (ie a Bonus that Cancels Abilities, and a Ability that cancels Bonuses (or vice versa), or 2 Abilities that cancel Abiltiies or 2 Bonuses that cancel Bonuses) they basically cancel each other out.


Wednesday 06/06/2007, 20:41

I coouldn't have explained it better. This should be put in the faqs smiley

As for the exception, it doesn't matter if mutual cancelations take effect or not.

Thursday 07/06/2007, 05:41

What happens when the bonus is +2 power and the ability is Power = Power Opp, or the bonus is +2 damage and the ability is
Damage = Damage Opp? This is the only time when the order of bonus/ability matters. I think the ability comes second,
overriding the +damage or +power, unless it is cancelled, in which case the bonus will take effect. But it is worth noting as an
instance not so easily explained by simultaneity.

Thursday 07/06/2007, 09:15

I think in that case the ability just copies what is printed on the card.

Thursday 07/06/2007, 10:39

In my opinion power = power opp takes opponents power (the value printed on the card - bonuses, courage and other dont affect it) and rewrites the value printed on your card with it, and any +/- power changes from abbs or bonuses work this way - they alter the value printed on your card - so the power = power opp takes place first (if not cancelled) and then all changes are applied

Wednesday 05/11/2014, 03:55

They should explain Reprisal, Courage and other added abilities for new players smiley .

Wednesday 05/11/2014, 11:30

This was from 07 smiley


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