offline Gone4eva Senior  
Monday 17/09/2007, 10:20

What goes first?
GHEIST/Roots 's Bonus of Stop Opp Ability or a ability that is Stop Opp Bonus?

offline lol 78 Novice  
Monday 17/09/2007, 10:53

Bonus always goes first i think

offline Gryazzie Titan  
Monday 17/09/2007, 11:18

Stop opp ability VS stop opp bonus....if u stop his ability which is stop opp bonus.....there will be no effect taken..

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Monday 17/09/2007, 11:31

Order doesn't matter really. The first ability to take place is the one that is not cancelled.

ab: +2 damage // bo: stop ability ----- vs, ----- ab: stop bonus // bo: nothing
+2 damage takes effect, as the stop bonus get canceled by stop ability

ab: +2 damage // bo: stop bonus ----- vs, ----- ab: stop ability // bo: stop bonus
+2 damage doesn't take effect, as right's stop ability cancels left's, thus right's stop bonus can take effect

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Monday 17/09/2007, 11:45

Same time. There is always exactly one possibility of resolving things without paradox. In this case this clearly means: regardless which path you take, in any case there will be no effect at all. Play through all the options, it is the same result in every single case.

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Monday 17/09/2007, 14:15

Here's the thing, primarily, everything ios placed on a table, where it is reviewed which one is stopped.
Momento Mori(took me a while to remember that Stand alone complex episode) displayed the process.
the thing is, if you have an Ability, stop bonus, and your opponent has a bonus, stop ability, then it doesn't matter which one goes first. but if you have a bonus, stop ability, and your opponent has a bonus stop bonus, then the table shows...
Card one
A = +2 life per damage
B = Stop Opp bonus

Card two
A = -2 damage min 1
B = Stop opp Ability

then it is accessed, and it marks off an X where abilities are canceled.
so, even if initially, the Card one Ability is canceled due to the computer reading card two first, it is re activated once card one is read, canceling card two bonus, then card two is read again, and card one is reactivated.

yargh, the question gets posed a whole lot... but the truth is, it works, whatever way they have it set up, so therefore this question is pointless.

offline Horus WMD Divinity  
Monday 17/09/2007, 18:11

Bonus goes first, which means Nightmare stops GHEIST.

If you don't believe me, play your GHEIST card w/ bonus activated against Kenny w/ his Nightmare bonus activated and watch your opponent gain 6-10 life.

...that is, unless the GHEIST card happens to be either Leviatonn or Morlha smiley

offline MarshallzEvo Veteran  
Monday 17/09/2007, 21:36

Yep..that's right...i tried it so many time and nightmare always win against gheist...'coz you see the gheist's "stop opp ability" is being stop by the nightmare's bonus. As long as there is nothing to stop your ability or your bonus, that will take effect.

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Sunday 23/09/2007, 01:58

I ment like this:
Ab:Stop Opp Bonus/bo:Stop Opp Ability VS. Ab:Stop Opp Bonus/bo:Stop Opp Ability

offline Darko EVO Guru  
Sunday 23/09/2007, 05:06

They go at the same time. In this case all the abilities null the other at the same time

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