offline Wukieslap Master  
Wednesday 19/09/2007, 21:54

I never see Alexei in any allstar decks. He seems pretty good, not much worse than striker. Something i'm missin?

offline Gryazzie Titan  
Thursday 20/09/2007, 05:39


6 pwoer 5 damage

6 power 6 dmage

the only diffrents are 1 damage...abiltiy all the same...bonus same 2...BUTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!..............................their price are like 500 away ea other

offline Blu Sevens Hero  
Thursday 20/09/2007, 10:04

I use Alexei in my Level-up (non-tournament) deck. Found him in one of the packs I bought, and I just don't feel like spending around 2000 on Striker just for 1 extra damage smiley (Of course, if I played with All Stars at the tournaments it might have been a different matter, but I don't.)

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Thursday 20/09/2007, 12:22

The random card selection is always based on luck... you can some times go weeks without seeing a specific card, in all the plays, it's statistically very unlikely, to near impossible, but it can happen.
alternatively, you can go weeks with seeing one card in every draw...
so maybe next week, you'll play 9 games in a row, with Alexei.
I recall going an extended period of time, without seeing cards, it's particularly frustrating when they would be usefull for your match. Marlysa Cr was good at eluding me, i'd always end up with my second level windy mor instead.
Vicky was another one who i didn't see much of while playing her, but that was before i started ELO mode.

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Thursday 20/09/2007, 12:54

Well why not just use both? Alexei is not that bad but Striker 1 more damage really outshine him. We should all be happy because players have a cheap alternative for Striker that is just as powerful and dependable. And just a wild guess because they are so similar and All Stars does not have a CR yet maybe either one of them will go and become a CR.

offline Zhupons Imperator  
Thursday 20/09/2007, 17:57

Striker occupies the smae number of stars then alexei but it has one more damage and the rest is all the same! So it is better, and one damage makes a lot of diference in some (a lot) fights!

Almost noone uses him because of this, and to use both of them in one deck it is much better and worth to use Marina, since you have a 7/5 with a goode bonus reducer ability!

besides, almost all all stars decks have lamar (it is like the better ELO available card in the game, (my opinion)) and to use one five star and two 4 stars we have to use otherweaker cards since we hace less stars to use! unless we use like pussycats, and that way we can use lamar, marina, striker and alexei in the same deck, but the pussycats part in this deck would be very weak!

offline Wukieslap Master  
Thursday 20/09/2007, 22:06

Thanks for the replies =) I guess I underestimated the "Power of One"....damage. hah, good joke for those that get it =D

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Friday 21/09/2007, 01:31

Guys sell me all your unevolved Alexei if you got any spare, I will buy them ALL for 400 clintz since we all know its overpriced in the market, thanks and GG's! smiley

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Saturday 22/09/2007, 19:35

Ok ok, 500 for any unevolved Alexei if you have any, send to private sales,

sample deck:

Lamar *5
Striker *4
Alexei *3
Flo *2
Charlie *5
Yayoi *4
Dolores Boss *1
Gwen *1

combo Alexei with either Lamar of Charlie,
GG's! smiley

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