offline GatoMuerto Imperator UpperClass
Friday 03/08/2007, 18:22

I broke down. I bought creds and then packs. Just racked up enough tourn plays to pay for another pack, and now I am wondering what is the best method for "buying in"? For the 20C packs, it is obvious that you are attempting to buy the packs that correspond to the clan you want, but what is the real spread on rare/unc/com? 1/3/8?

Additionally, just wondering if it is better to buy "Full Deck" packs (guaranteed 5-star, which are usually worth at least 1k), or you have a better payoff long-term with the smaller 20C packs. I've gotten a couple bad and a couple good with the 20Cs, but my last one was rather... disheartening.

I play(ed) MtG, so I am used to packs with 1R,3U,11C. Does the 50C packs have a different collation from the 20C, or is the collation the same, with the inclusion of an "additional" 5-star char?

offline esgfs Novice  
Friday 03/08/2007, 22:09

Lol the packs are totally random but if you are after a 5 star then the full deck a definate way of getting one , every pack has differant clans so the full deck is 8 cards from any clan

offline Darko EVO Guru  
Friday 03/08/2007, 23:27

The only problem of getting a 5 star card, is that can appear Gary...smiley

offline Deceit Master  
Friday 03/08/2007, 23:38

Pay by credit card, the 900 number or text is almost twice as expensive then the other least in the us

offline LoA DHUB3R Imperator  
Saturday 04/08/2007, 01:48

Well i just bought a pack the other day and all i got was venus, mikey t, and haley. I was so mad. cause i just saved enough creds to from the tournys to buy a pack

offline Psycho Turtle Hero  
Saturday 04/08/2007, 06:41

I always get the full decks, unless I only have enough credits for a pack. Just remember that you dont get as many cards in a pack or deck here as you did with MTG. Only 3 cards come in a pack, and 8 in a deck.

offline ZEPPELlN Hero  
Saturday 04/08/2007, 10:33

Think about it like this:
For 40 credits, you can buy 2 packs, and obtain 6 cards.
Yes, less than the full deck, but you know which clans these cards come from, unlike the full deck, which picks from all clans.
you also got an extra 10 credits...

But still.......

Full deck gets you 2 extra cards....

I guess it's all about luck....

Iv'e been lucky once.....

I got a Dorian and Zatman from a pack.smiley

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Saturday 04/08/2007, 10:58

Well I don't care if I have a 5* or not.. The most expensive cards are not even 5* ..
I used to buy lots of new blood packs, but lately the odds of pulling one of the newest cards seems drastically less than a few months ago. I purchased 12 packs and I had none of the newer cards but only cards like 3x graziella,4x Dacha Macha, ... same rubbish over and over again.. I used to advise players to buy new blood packs, but now it is stuffed with sheap commons and uncommons that are not worth more than 150 on the market.

offline Symbolic Hero  
Saturday 04/08/2007, 15:49

I'n my opinion buy the new blood packs after they release new characters, I finally made 20c from tournaments yesterday, bought a pack I got Mona, Loma Nuju, and a non profitable card, but I sold Mona for 9800 when two weeks from now she will be less than 1000. But Like Jerre said it can be risky buying new blood packs, there is always the chance of getting those commons.

offline esgfs Novice  
Saturday 04/08/2007, 16:10

The thing is about packs cos there 20credits and i know ELO is faster to get them but under level 20 it does take a while to save up and even then theres no garuntee that you will get good cards the best card i got was a morphun when i got my first pack

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