offline OnlineHelper Novice Academy of Elite team
Friday 17/08/2007, 16:27

What makes a clan good for elo and what makes a card good fro elo?

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Friday 17/08/2007, 19:53

A card, is usually a card with more than 5 Power, and either decent damage, or a good ability.
Clans are different, what makes a clan good, is the all around card count of usable ELO cards...
and the Clan bonus, and how effective it is.
Uppers for example are a clan with a very good bonus. And, enough cards with Power above 5 to be usable in ELO.
and Pussycats a very useful Bonus. with a lot of cards with Power above 5, usable Even at level 1... in addition to at max level.

the All Stars Clan is a good example of a Clan with Good cards, and a good bonus.
Cards like Striker, Alexei and Lamar make for great ELO cards, due to their Stop ability/stop bonus abilities, which are also very useful.

Uppers are good, because Zatman, a 3 star with a - attack bonus, in addition to a - attack ability.
Frankie Hi is good too, but has less power than Zatman.

but in general, Cards make a clan good, you can have a great bonus, but without the cards to back you up, then the clan won't necessarily be good for ELO.

offline OnlineHelper Novice Academy of Elite team
Sunday 19/08/2007, 22:20

What about a card like jaff who has 2 power but with ability can reach 7 power

offline Coure Guru FairPlayers
Monday 20/08/2007, 16:40

All good changes from what I see, now please sort out the refreshing problem. If someone has challenged, or been challenged, please take them off the available list. 50 times in a row I got the 'This player is unavailable to be challenged' message

offline Coure Guru FairPlayers
Monday 20/08/2007, 16:41

Oops, wrong thread

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