offline (-M-) Titan  
Sunday 19/08/2007, 08:37

I notice that Maciej freak clan has this ability -3 Opp Power,min 6 .
As i know any power reduce only on printed power value and the maximum power is 8 logical it's not possible and it should be like this -2 Opp Power,min 6 .
It's only possible if the reduce in real power value after calculate clan bounces and ability and leader ability (amber).

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 19/08/2007, 08:58

Maciej specialty is the power clans - bangers and ulu watu,i hope you get what i am saying smiley

offline ReverseRaven Hero  
Sunday 19/08/2007, 11:22

He reduces power from bonuses and abilities, too. Not just base power.

Oh, and by the way, highest power I know of is 13. Of course, I haven't played a while, but I'm dang sure the highest power ain't 8. smiley

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Sunday 19/08/2007, 11:35

Highest power I know is 14, what I know...

it's Willy, basic power 5, ability courage 4, bonus +2 power, + Amber ability courage 3, pretty tough guy

offline (-M-) Titan  
Sunday 19/08/2007, 12:35

Ok , what about power=opp power the card power = opp power after calculate clan bounces and ability and Leader ability or before .

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Sunday 19/08/2007, 15:00

Power : Power Opp
The Power of the character is equal to the Power of its opponent. This number only takes into account the Power indicated on the opposing character's card, it doesn't include any changes caused by bonus or other abilities. If the ability is cancelled, the number of damage points of the character is equal to the number shown on the character's card


offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Sunday 19/08/2007, 16:37

Burger = power 6 / courage 3 so that would become power 9...

offline (-M-) Titan  
Sunday 19/08/2007, 19:04

Thanks guys ,i know the cards can have more than 8 power by ability (courage,+power,team courage)or bounce(+2 power) i was just wondering if the power reducing in Maciej include this increases, i just thought the power reduce deal with the cards as the same as Power : Power Opp only with the base power my mistake.

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