offline Voske Imperator aussie crusaders
Monday 16/04/2007, 16:47

Which clan is best to play with the pussycats ??
all have almost all of them exept the cr's and clari ( the new one)

so please help me.


offline 0 Prophet-Cr Colossus  
Monday 16/04/2007, 16:54

It reali depends who you like , all stars i'd say because there bonus is wicked and they have some great cards

offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Tuesday 17/04/2007, 07:27

Hm... So far Pussycats were mostly understood as a support clan. With Clara going to be a major part in the coming ELO metagame they can probably take the role as the leading clan in a deck. Maybe something like this:

Pussycats 14*

Clara 5*
Charlie 4*
Yayoi 4*
Gwen 1*

Uppers 11*

Zatman 3*
Rubie 3*
Frankie Hi 3*
Samantha 2*

This deck looks kinda powerful with 2 cards having 8 power and 3 having 7 power. Additionally there are 2 cards that shutdown the opp bonus and 2 cards that shutdown the opp ability. It seems well rounded to me and the "worst hand" doesn't look that scary to me with Samantha, Rubie, Frankie Hi and Gwen. You can still win with that hand if you play well enough because of the Uppers bonus.

Another idea would be using a level 2 Gina Glitt instead of Frankie Hi and then having a 5* Charlie. But in that case the worst hand scenario becomes a little scary.

I know I know, it's yet another deck using Uppers, but their low star count makes them perfect to have another clan going 14 or 15 stars.


offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Tuesday 17/04/2007, 08:21

All Stars, most definitely. Well you can also consider Uppers.

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