offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Friday 18/05/2007, 00:03

A guildmate of mine asked me how much experience it took for each card evoloution, i didn't know exactly, i could only estimate...
but does anyone know exactly how much experience it takes for each evoloutionary level?
1star to 2 star.
2 star to 3 star
3 star to 4 star
and 4 star to 5 star?

based on battle experience , i estimated that each level doubled the required experience, but i haven't gotten around to calculating/counting experience per level.

thanks in advance, even if nobody has a cluesmiley

(oh, PS. i went back 7 or 8 pages in this forum, but didn't find this subject posted anywhere)

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Friday 18/05/2007, 10:34

1 star to 2 star = 500 xp
2 star to 3 star = 1500 xp
3 star to 4 star = 3000 xp
4 star to 5 star = i don't know i don't have an evolved one smiley

If you go to "My Collection Pro" and you click on an UNEVOLVED character and you point your mouse above the bar, it indicates how much xp it currently has and how much you need.

offline AODJettGeek Imperator Army of Darkness
Friday 18/05/2007, 11:58

4 star to 5 star = 5000 xp

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