offline Alteri Hero  
Saturday 19/05/2007, 14:04

Okay, forgive the newb questions, but I did a forum search and I'm still a little vague on some points. smiley

I know there are restrictions on cards, and star count, and you need to meet battle minimums to raise (or at least maintain) your rating, but:

Is there a seperate location to go to fight ELO battles?
I take it, you only raise in value when fighting other ELO players?
Is there a system or standard for the way battles are fought?
I understand you can 'turn off' the ELO mode at will? Is there a toggle for this somewhere?

Again, please forgive the newbish questions, but I'd like to be on top of this before I get involved.

Please feel free to offer any other advice that comes to mind too! smiley


offline ernieq Imperator  
Saturday 19/05/2007, 20:09

1) There is no special ELO room. Most ELO players play in Dark Corners or Danger Zone. As you probably know, they're
marked with a Pillz symbol where their stars would be. You just choose to fight one of those (or they choose to fight you).
2) I don't think you can fight non-ELO players when you're in the mode, I certainly haven't. But if you can, yes, you only get
points for ELO battles.
3) Not really (that I've gathered smiley). Just play for the win, however that seems best to you. About half the decks are stacked
with Uppers, so work out how to beat them, or join them.
4) When you're level 20 the toggle for ELO mode appears in your profile (click on your name at the top of the panel to the
left). Having it on means you play in ELO mode whenever your deck is compatible, and not in ELO mode when it isn't.

I'll leave any advice giving to Sven, as he's probably the best ELO player in the game!

offline Alteri Hero  
Sunday 20/05/2007, 20:12

Thanks Ernieq,

That helps a lot. smiley

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