offline BlatantEVO Master  
Friday 16/03/2007, 04:42

Ok minor rant here. I'm still new to the game but I know how EVO training works, but I run into players that constantly use teams like max level junkies that ensure I won't win with a low levelled card. Are some EVO players frauds? I also run into evo players that will brutalize me when they get all maxed levels on the feild with no one to train yet won't give me the curtosey of allowing me to to win with my cards. Does this happen a lot? It's kinda low to go through that alot. Also I run into people that will time out when they are losing. Is timing out more severe then losing? smiley

offline wmd angelo Colossus  
Friday 16/03/2007, 06:54

Well , while the EVO mode is unofficial you'll find some unfair players, well it happens, that's it, about timing out: it's like losing a you get your points and clintz when someone is timing out against you... sorry about the evo stuff, but try to wait as soon as you are level 15 try to play into the warehouse while evo is just for evolving cards ( it's better there)

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Friday 16/03/2007, 08:28

I agree, wanna play EVO, get lost in the warehouse.
also... no to EVO in tournaments, smiley

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Friday 16/03/2007, 09:27

Actually for me during daily tourneys(i mean it attack players with my high lvled miss twice...that is sometimes when my rival has 2 pussycats)..anyway i always gain 20 pts per battle...even 30 if something just got maxed

offline ArtemisBZ Colossus BrainZtorm
Friday 16/03/2007, 23:06

Yep DivaunaEVO, u DO get a lot of unfair EVO players. I played about 20 games today before I got an opponent who played his low lvl chars vs my high levels, and vice versa. Most EVO players main objective is to win, no matter what. I want to mention the most honest EVO player that I enjoy playing against... AODPocho! smiley

You will also find, especially amongst the noobies, that they have all maxed chars and yet they have no shame to play with pillz as if their chars still have to level up.

And to confirm what u are saying.. how do some players expect lvls 1 and 2 to beat a maxed lvl 7 or 8 WITH attack bonus?? A rather safe defense card would be lvl 5, then at least the lower lvls have a chance of beating it. There if no way to beat Uranus and Graks in one deck with their bonus activated, especially Graks with power 8 if ur char is a lvl 1 or 2!

Anyways, best would seem to make a mental note of unfair players and refuse to accept their challenges. That's what I do smiley

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Saturday 17/03/2007, 02:08

I agree. No EVO in tournaments.smiley And I've met my fair share of players like those.

offline BlatantEVO Master  
Sunday 18/03/2007, 00:54

Thanks so much for the responses! Yep I am keeping track of EVO players that aren't preferable and will flat out declined any non-evo player if I am in EVO mode. But I look forward to meeting everyone on the feild wether it's for EVO or a good old game! Once again, very encouraging to read up on the advice and tips! Take care everyone and see you around! smiley

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 18/03/2007, 01:39

Arrghh jericho i like evo in tourneys..smiley
Ok maybe next time elo in daily tourney..ill test itsmiley

offline BlatantEVO Master  
Sunday 18/03/2007, 04:35

Oh by the way, my face pic is a pencil crayon drawing I did at work *end of shameless plug*

offline salade bleue Senior  
Sunday 18/03/2007, 09:30

Another great way to level up your characters is to play HAN mode in Lost warehouse. It's a bit like evo, but you always play for the weakest character to win, even if that costs you the match. You will mostly gain more exp than in (correct or wron) evo play.
I put a topic 'Lost warehouse mode' in this forum.

Good luck!

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