offline Progenitor Titan  
Friday 16/03/2007, 16:17

Hello All,
Im fairly new to the game but I think im getting pretty decent at it. So far I've got a rank 25 in a daily tourney on my 2nd day...which prolly isn't much to most of the player out there but that's all the accomplishment i've got to boast.

I've read some stuff on evo training and it requires players letting the lower lvl chars of their opponents beat the higher lvl ones of ours and vice versa. I didn't know about this concept before and just thought of training my chars the old fashion way, beating the opponent naturally.
bsically I let my opponents lower lvl char with 5 dmg beat my higher lvl one, thinking he will reprocicate and do the same, something dumb i'd never have done normally. even with decent no. of pillz on my lower lvl chars, his high ones still beat me because he prolly dunno or dun wanna do the same. I ended getting my first 0-12 ko lost. M'be i shoulda told him first but there's no guarantee they will do the same either, as i've found with other players

offline 69 hoodrich Legend  
Friday 16/03/2007, 19:03

To properly evo you have to be in the lost warehouse. Anywhere else and you wont get the best results. Also when you are in the lost warehouse you have to be aware of the randomness. It is not taken off in the lost warehouse. Also understand that many people in the lost warehouse don't understand the rules in evo play and no one is actually required to play in a evo format.

How to level up your cards
If you have a high level card it is best that you allow that card to lose to a low level card. The reason for this is because the experience gained by both cards will be equal and since cards get experience based on the level of the card they just battled you will be better off taking an embarrassing loss to a level one when you have a level 4 card.

offline Progenitor Titan  
Friday 16/03/2007, 23:13

Maybe I couldn't elaborate everything with the letter limit in my main post, but yes I do know of the randomness. What i meant was, there's is nth I can do against high lvl chars with my low lvls if they should choose to beat them. So far after surfing thru the forums, the community does seem to me kinda harsh against pple who dun go evo mode in warehouse and for me, I don't really see it as a necessity either. After trying it out I dun really know if it really is the best way to lvl my cards.

offline Apa2K Guru  
Saturday 17/03/2007, 07:08

It is without a doubt the fastest way to level your cards. You seem to base your opinion on one single fight. I'd gladly take a 0-12 loss if it meant all my cards lost to lower level ones.

Like DeboSP said there are LOTS of people who don't understand the concept of the warehouse and it is frustrating to play against people who play to win or who doesn't understand that the best way to level that level 4 card is to let it lose to a lower one. The reason we are harsh on people who don't play evo in the warehouse is because that's what it's there for and playing to win in there doesn't really benefit anyone. You're better off playing in the other rooms where you at least get some points for winning.

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Saturday 17/03/2007, 08:09

Oh well just get to danger zone..the best evo place!!!no RANDOMNESSsmiley

offline Progenitor Titan  
Saturday 17/03/2007, 13:56

Not to be griping, but after a while in lost warehouse im seriously getting sick of pple who bring a deck of max lvl cards in there, is there even a benefit to them or dmg done to you for them doing this? I know the battle pt bonuses are pretty pathetic in lost warehouse, but somehow i wish the number of fight/win count would be disabled for fights in the warehouse to deter these pple.

Another question, if someone dumps all his pillz on one char to do dmg and then waits for timeout, what happens? I think the person that is kept waiting wins, however it appears on his/her num of fights/win count that he/she lost. Is that the case?

offline Prysm CCU Guru  
Saturday 17/03/2007, 15:42

The only benefit is to those willing to see the advantage of people that d that, the only thing i don't like is when players can't really evo. Pilling up all their cards. Usually if person does that i bolt, so no one gets anything. But it's good to stay even if you lose, you get some kind of points if you work it right, even if you plan to attack, make it work to your advantage... well to that extent I'm going back to evo.

offline 69 hoodrich Legend  
Sunday 18/03/2007, 15:08

People that time out dont get anything. No experience for their cards, no clints, no level up points. When people timeout it is for one of two reasons. the first reason is because of internet failure. The second reason, which i have always beleived was the main reason why people time out, is in hopes that the other person will leave the battle.

offline Sacman68 Senior  
Saturday 24/03/2007, 05:40

Please keep in mind that if all 4 of your opponents cards are evolved doesn't nessasarily mean that they're only going for a win because, as in my case, I have only 8 cards and only 1 needs EVO but the card doesnt play every match so there are the matches where my line up is fully evolved. In this situation I elect not to use pills in order to help EVO the other players cards.

offline Progenitor Titan  
Saturday 24/03/2007, 13:49

After Playing this game for a longer while I can see what you mean. As of now out of 8 cards only 2 of my cards need evoing. Of course I dun job off all 4 of my chars to the other guy if I get all maxed lvled cards. In my opinion evo should be mutual and not expected as a right or neccessity. There are pple like me who only have a few cards to evo and not the entire deck and the warehouse still gives me 25% more xp for those cards.

I try my best to fight those pple without the evo tag behind their name since either of us claim to fight the match via evo.
Screwed up thing just happened today in a match: I had 2 cards to lvl, other guy had 4. We both won on some of our cards and i ended up winning. Immediately i got a hate tell asking if I felt like I big guy not evo becuz I only had 2 guys to lvl. Later the guy tells me he shouldn't have got 3 leaders, turns out he cared more bout the win den me. always the preachers that are what they preach against. Neither of us had the evo tag to

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