offline Skimsa Guru  
Tuesday 24/04/2007, 15:49

I'm making an allstar junkz deckz and can't decide on the last 3 card. Any help welcome.

Berserkgirl or Malmoth or Kawan

Dan or Striker
Eyton or Lamar


offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Tuesday 24/04/2007, 22:52

IMO, ill play it in a more Utility point of view, since they are known for that, make use of their bonus as your theme when it comes to Junkz and Sentinels.

Try this out and hope it works for you:

Marina *4
Striker *4
Alexei *4
Lewis *3
Flo *2
Allan *2
Veenyle *2
Kawan *4 / Malmoth *4

I would rather play this with Ulu Watu, instead of the Junkz:

Gaia *3
Nanook *3
Gabrielle *2

: Lewis can be removed for Frank to replace Alexei for Lamar.

GG's! smiley

offline Malcomphnxevo Novice  
Wednesday 25/04/2007, 02:01

Favor Lamar over Eryton in ELO because Lamar can beat the Pussycat clan bonus and stop Nightmare cards from cancelling his clan bonus out.

Beyond that, like the above poster said, using the power trio of Alexei, Striker, and Marina to get two ability stoppers and a 9 power damage blocker fits more punch into your deck than including an All-Stars five drop. You could also do what a ton of people are doing in ELO right now and mixing underleveled Pussycat cards to fit Lamar and two four drop All-Stars into your deck. It's pretty painful to fight.

offline Skimsa Guru  
Wednesday 25/04/2007, 12:57

Thanks for the help, ialthough i don't have allan or marina, i'll buy them when i have enough money.

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Wednesday 25/04/2007, 14:55

Marina is awesome!
i have a deck containing:
it works for me!

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Friday 27/04/2007, 08:43

Why would you play junkz ?
I like Veenyle, but that's pretty much it really smiley
They don't have real powercards compared to other clans

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Friday 27/04/2007, 08:56

That's true, but i believe that Malmoth and Kawan can do real damage and are hard to counter with bonuses. Kawan can deal 7 damage and combo him with any of your All Stars, or fo simple with Malmoth for the 6pills for 5 damage, GGs! smiley

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Friday 27/04/2007, 21:02

I don't really like kawan because he doesn't have an ability, i'd rather have otacool and/or keanew.

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Friday 27/04/2007, 21:21

Dont underestimate kawan...he may have 6 power and 7 damage....its the way you will use it...malmoth is great card too...BADSIDE weakness of malmoth is pussycats and sakrohm defensesmiley

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