Wednesday 29/08/2007, 18:09

Whats the correct time for you to time out ?!?!?

Wednesday 29/08/2007, 23:24

You mean how long does it take? i guess you'd have to refer to the admins for an exact count...

Thursday 30/08/2007, 04:33

So.... nobody knows ????but the admins... okay... so i´m waiting for an aswer...

Thursday 30/08/2007, 21:47

Well, you would have to go into the code for the game, to get an exact number.
or it could be a Variable, to prevent players from timing intentionally.

Friday 31/08/2007, 02:01

I believe it was Fraggle who said the time to time-out is shorten during tournaments than during the rest of the day.......i dont have exact numbers....


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