offline Seetan Fox Imperator Never give up
Monday 03/09/2007, 04:33

The tournament today is based in speed, i never entered the 50th. (because my internet connection is too low)
My sugest: the Player enter in room, and have 10 (or more) chances to fight, from the unknow list, he chellenge other player, and by one player he fight is one of chance spend...
Who obtain more points in your 10 chances, win the tournament. Equal the current tournment, since from who obtain more points to who obtain less points...

*Sorry for my english*

offline -Falchion- Imperator  
Monday 03/09/2007, 09:02

Thats not a good idea....say your opponents timeout or already lose quite a lot of points...which will affect your average score at the end...

Current mode is fine.....compared to before its not nearly as fast and so much easier to cope with....before i was averaging 20 pts every 2-5 minutes in a not so much when i do play

offline Blu Sevens Hero  
Monday 03/09/2007, 09:31

An intersting suggestion, it needs a little tweaking, perhaps, but I think I'd like to see something like that implemented.

Myself, I managed to make it into top 50 a few times (and even into top 25 twice), and my I-net connection is pretty good, but even so, the daily tournaments are VERY taxing for me: to get into top 50 I have to play 90 minutes non-stop, and win around 75% - 80% of the games I play too! So, daily tournaments are all about hard work and no fun... And isn't this game is supposed to be about having fun (even when we are trying to win something smiley )?

Although, one very big problem I foresee with this idea is that if it is implemented, it will reduce the tournaments' jeckposts greatly, around 10 - 20 times, I think... So, instead of getting 1000+ Clintz for making it into top 50, you will get only about 50 - 100 (not much more then you get for simply participating in the tournament, as things stand now), which will make trying to make it into top 50 or even top 25 pretty pointless...

offline can u f me Veteran  
Monday 03/09/2007, 17:21

I have several suggestions:

1) reduce the tournament time to about 60 minits,may be can increase 1-2 more tournaments 1 day

2) current system:Your opponent quits : 4 Points
i think someone quite and timeout waste the time and sometime try to play cheat to waste opp. time,
so that ,increase the battles points from 4 to 8.

3) the top 100 will get the prize, 50th-100th will get 0.3% of the jackpot.

4) new idea: give bonus to the Guilds which the members get the most battles point during tournaments time only per week.
the bonus is all of the members can get X% of the amounts of battles points/Y members during the week and credits

1st: 30% +2 credits per person
2nd: 25% +2 credits per person
3rd: 20% +2 credits per person
4th&5th: 15% +2 credits per person
5th-10th: 10% +2 credits per person
11th-20th: 5%+ 1 crefits

the 1st is a guild which has 15 members got amounts of 100000 battles points.
each member will get 100000*30%/15=2000 clintz+ 2 Credits

This system is to encourge people join guild and increase teamwork of the guilds, and also clean the inactives of the guilds

5) Lucky draw: sometime how we play also can get into the top 50,so that,add bonus to those who are played the tournaments:
3 person of the top half (not include those who already won the prize) will get 0.4% of the jackpot.
this is also to encourge people to play tournament from becoming an inactive because of always can not get into the top 50.


offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Monday 03/09/2007, 19:06

0AET_victor that seems like a good idea but then guild memebers will try and make 1 person win the whole tourni knowing they will still get Clintz and Credits and another thing if the person isnt in a guild will he/she keep the whole pot. plus i think it might be a little difficult for admins, but thats just wat i think. so lets hear what every1 else hase to say

offline Tinyg ironic Titan  
Monday 03/09/2007, 20:00

My idea is simple but useful,
add one of those msn type things where people who dont wanna play randoms have a symbol next to them. that way i wont waste my time trying to challenge people who constantly refuse me/dont answer my challenges.
i know theres the 'dont appear' thing but sometimes you wanna fight just one person or only evo players or whatev...
just an idea..
x g x

offline NachomusPrime Master  
Monday 03/09/2007, 20:13

How about make the tournament not count as a part of the 10 for the person who was on the ill-end of the time out and make it count as a part of the 10 for the person who DOES time out or quit? That way time outs wouldn't be a problem

offline can u f me Veteran  
Tuesday 04/09/2007, 03:31

my idea is whole the members of the guilds,if only 1 or 2 people from the guild always win the tournaments,don'e means his /their guild will win the bonus.
What i mean is the amount of battle points of ALL members in the guild.

If whole the members of the guilds(example 20 person) play tournaments and each won 150 battle points,they get 3000 battle point in the tounament.

but in another guild,just let say that they pump 5 person won the tournament,each got 300 battle points,the total amount just 1500 battle points, they can't win the previous kingdom.

This bonus theory is:
The more your guild members play, the easy your guild to win.smiley

offline can u f me Veteran  
Tuesday 04/09/2007, 04:01

According to what Tinyg had said,i get an idea:

how about when you go into the tournament,hide the person other details(just like current system),and change the name of the person to number.

As i know, sometimes we play the game and we see a person name whom we know he is strong, we refuse to fight them,
Then means that guy really hard to find opp, so that,i suggest that everyone get a number when he play in a tournament.
example like 1300,0051, 2583,1035.

The number is random give during every tournament, people don't know who you are.
when a person take 1010,and he quit after played 5 games, then when other go in the play mode, he/she can't take the number 1010.

But at the result there, still show the name of the person but not number of the person.

i don't know this idea can be use or not in current system, it is just an idea.

Beside, i would like to suggest have heavy penalty to whose who always leave the game and try to delay the game,
i always meet those who quit when he saw my cards, or he feel that he can't win me,or he is missing at the half,or too slow until the battle timeout( you should train your speed but not try to say the time is not enough).

just an example, 1 person who quit/can't complete the game during a tournament over 3 times, he will ban for can't play tournament for few days. If after few days he still quit the game over 3 times, just like criminal, his account will be ban forever.

i hate leaver.

offline Atomiseur Imperator  
Tuesday 04/09/2007, 17:01

0AET_victor, if the game make it, a lot of people will never win nothing

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