offline Gryazzie Titan  
Wednesday 05/09/2007, 12:56

The prices that when up quite high are

Endora ( WHAT?! NO WAY)
Seldnor (oh COme on!!!)
Nahi ( of course...she became a CR) (X)
Bhudd ( more expensive than alexei...alexei 500 clz...bhudd 1k......impossible)
Zoltan ( noooo!!!!)

went down??
WARREN ( even though he isnt good..most new comer cards came and became 1k + no matter how useless is that card)
Ashley ( shes a good damage reducer card) ( i kept her even I'm using freaks-nightmare)
Miken moose ( cheaper than Ogoun Kyu..I'm surprised)
K cube (I know he stinks)

Good cards gone cheap
Hel (Hel=Mojo...only diffrent when fury....but same if no changes)
Alexei (oh yea!)
Amelia ( not many cards have stop opp ability u know!)
Flo (yay)
Vermyn N ( WOOHOOO!)
Kati ( yay..again)
Maciej/Eve/Crassus (W00T!!)
Malmoth /Crystal (W00t again!)

No time to write the rest..if anyone of you found out any..juz post it here smiley

offline lol 78 Novice  
Wednesday 05/09/2007, 15:12

Lolz yh the prices are crazy but all i can say is get thm whilst there hot!

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Wednesday 05/09/2007, 15:44

Some 100 clintz are no big deal compared with what other older cards did;

Charlie -> from 9000 to 3500
Armand -> from 8000 to 3500
Graksmxxt -> from 35.000 to 9000
Chloe -> from 40.000 to 9500
Havok -> from 15.000 to 5000
Zatman -> from 12.000 to 4500
Jackie -> from 25.000 to 7000
Xu52 -> from 28.000 to 10.000
Gaia -> from 30.000 to 9500
Ielena -> from 20.000 to 4500
Vickie -> from 45.000 to 16.000
Perle -> from 12.000 to 3000

But hey, the game is now allot cheaper and I can only cheer for that! Even though I lost many many clintz because I cept allot of copies from older cards..

offline Gryazzie Titan  
Thursday 06/09/2007, 02:05 good for being low lvl cause ure poor smiley

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Thursday 06/09/2007, 05:21

Oh no i cant buy a 2nd Ielena smiley

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