offline BodeCBM-EVO Hero  
Wednesday 29/11/2006, 03:50

Well in the last tornaments i have been told that i am playing unfair to not accept challeges from ppl with better decks/bigger lvls.

Well is that against the rules? Or is it considered not fair play?

I would really like to know community opinion since everytime i win a tornament ppl tell that i am cheating and even worst.

bye bye

offline gilpabilona Senior  
Wednesday 29/11/2006, 08:38

Its alright to refuse higher levels its normal...of course u will be scared is actually alright!...

offline BodeCBM-EVO Hero  
Wednesday 29/11/2006, 12:17

Its just that i hate to be called cheater when i win tornaments >.<

offline Lunaticus Senior Urban Card Players
Wednesday 29/11/2006, 19:28

I refuse challenge sometimes when higher leveles wanna fight

offline Baahaa Veteran League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen
Wednesday 29/11/2006, 22:54

Actually..the reason Bode wins tournys is that he challenges people and tells them 'No pills' don't get me wrong thats a good strategy but people tend to forget his deck is full of high power cards so that = loads of wins if people accepts his No pills challenges smiley

offline BodeCBM-EVO Hero  
Wednesday 29/11/2006, 23:15

Well, i played darkwarrior sometime in tornaments and this is the msg i always send when challenging ppl:

"Hi, wanna play OLD? OLD = game with NO PILLZ, winner by KO gets extra points."

so, i explain the rules, i challenge ppl from my lvl, what is wrong about that?
i used to play EVO but almost 50% of EVO playes use cards like uranus and glaskrom making impossible to the other one wins... for my point of view the only fully evolvedc ard allowed on EVO is vansaar.

my deck is full sentinel and i have only 1 lvl 4 card and 1 lvl 5 card... so i dont have a strong deck :/ anyone using junkz/sentinel/uppers can win me easily.

offline AOD-EVOPOCHO Imperator Army of Darkness
Thursday 30/11/2006, 04:08

Ok as you should know by now , we had a litlle discusion over the tournament about the rejecting players.....strategy.
I can understand that..I´m noy agree with it but I can understand your point........ok.......
The strange thing in all that is like you must be like flash becouse you have time to people..check the level of the players who is asking you to play decide if you want to play him or not and still play the match and win it!.....tell me How do you do please!!! in no time!!
Because you ended ...yesterday at 510 points your friend from the same guild made 422 points and the third players ended like388......
your points must go like 200,2500,300,350....what a machine you are!!!....
I really have a hard time finding people to play against and you go like boom!! level level! level 23...mmmmlet´s see I´m not sure....ok ...I´ll play you.......
How do you do..really I I want to know....sorry for the bother.......smiley

offline BodeCBM-EVO Hero  
Thursday 30/11/2006, 06:54

Just to compare. If i battle poncho (he has all the 191 cards, so he uses any deck he want) i ll probably (like 95%) lose. so i dont check ppl who challege me i just refuse them.

i decided to play like this a long time ago (i was lvl 15 or lower)... and i battle a guy using sakrom deck well my poor deck (i had like same deck from the beggining) cant win a single cards of him... his hand was 2 glaskrom and 2 guru ... so since that day i usually refuse challeges...

offline AOD-EVOPOCHO Imperator Army of Darkness
Thursday 30/11/2006, 14:57

Still don´t know how do you do to get people to play didn´t answer me that...besides you are level are no newbie!
you usually refuse challenges...ok how do you do to get to a score of 510!!!..tell me please!!!smiley

offline AOD-EVOPOCHO Imperator Army of Darkness
Thursday 30/11/2006, 15:19

Well the first time I challenged you, you didn´t know neither my level,my name nor the number of cards in my collection and you did rejected here I go again If you keep rejecting people to play you how do you do to win tournaments?????
Because in order to win tournaments like you need to play like crazy....and believe me you don´t have time to choose wich players to play with.......
I´m not saying you can´t do it.........I´m saying is that seems a litlle hard to do....something smells fishy arround here..........
and if you can´t explain me that...please I need someone to do it!!
Thanks again!smiley

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