Saturday 10/02/2007, 04:53

I would like to propose a new clan themed at musicians

piano, violin, flute, bass, drums etc..

i havent thought of an appropriate bonus though
what are your opinions?

Saturday 10/02/2007, 08:41

Maybe you can ask the administrators or the one who create this game....becaese the new clan can be difficult for them because it will have an ability,bonus,power,damage and especially the picture but it is a good opinions...smileysmiley

Saturday 10/02/2007, 11:31

IT would take some time to do so. A wrong clan would cause choas, otherwise, more fun.

Balance must be established

Saturday 10/02/2007, 11:51

Musicans i think no but it can be on

crimefighters just like sentinels

Sunday 11/02/2007, 05:57

Music bonus could be damage too .

Sunday 11/02/2007, 11:19

I think that a new clan is too much for you already have 14 of them. i think that much better idea would be increase the number of characters (especially hi-lvl). and don't tell me that they do it from time to time 'couse it takes a week to know more than half of them all.

Monday 12/02/2007, 10:22

The character with the flute could have a sleep ability to use on me lolsmileysmiley

Tuesday 13/02/2007, 08:00

OMG... Music = DJ = Junkz... haay..
Here are my thought, since the Cool pack is missing a clan, the new clan is meant to be COOL! smiley

So here, how about a ANDROID clan, like the movie I-Robot where robots are part of everyday life in the Clint City... and they start to rebel!!!!
From Robot waitresses and Killer Parking Meters, wakokoo! Even the Awesome Speed Train 8/5 Bonus: -2 Opp Damage. Hehehe! Since the robots were meant to serve the humans after all, hehe!
GGs! smiley

Tuesday 13/02/2007, 09:41

I think that Z-drone will leave the city soon and will return as a member of the new clan smiley

I was thinking as a bonus of a new possible clan: copy opposing cards bonus, even if it isn't triggered.

Tuesday 13/02/2007, 16:48

Militia, that would be a cool bonus. how about a plus 1 life when the card is played, even if the card loses. that would be awesome!


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