offline Prysm CCU Guru  
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 01:05

Luck... is it a neccesity or a nuisance? Is it dangerous or human innovation that determines if one wins or not. Say when you place 3 to 4 att points on Zatmin and you face Tanaerva with about 6 or 7 both have their bonuses but Zatmin wins when you think he'll lose or Tanerva wins when you think he should lose. It's terrifying and heart racing, makes you wonder if luck a friend or a foe. I think its neccesary for the game it makes it fun yet on the other side it has cst me some extremely big games... i wonder whats everyone elses opinion

offline wmd angelo Colossus  
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 06:58

Well i hate it, because you cannot rely on your strength , by the way there is a need for an explanation: how does it work in Urban? well in you example zatman has a total attack of 40 ( 5 pillz x 8 power) and tanaereva has 66 ( 8p x 10 pow - the bonus and power of zatman) so the total attack of both cards is 106 (40plus66).. Zatman has 38% chances (40/106) to win , wich means that it can happen almost 4 times out of 10 fights!!!my advice? play a lot of pillz on your strong cards and make them fight against weaker cards, and vice works! ( or play in Danger Zone where the random factor does not exist)

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 09:42

smiley remember when we fought prysm?You won by was like i always put 6 pillz on tanaereva never loose 1 match with tanaereva on danger zone....
Well angelo whats explanation of attack 8 always winning (bonuses of sentinel and junkz) by luck in dark corners especially mister copper?smiley

offline 69 hoodrich Legend  
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 15:32

The problem i see with randomness is it strikes at the worst times. Given the situation posted by angelo, zatman's chances are too high. If his chances were to be cut by 4 or maybe even five it wouldnt be so irritating.

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