Saturday 05/05/2007, 21:37

This is my first attempt at an ELO deck so bare with me... and tell me what you think :

Sakrohm :
SkrumxxT *5
Ingstra *3
Halley *2
Globumm *2

Montana :
Rosa *4
Don *5
Ricardo *2
Angelina *2

I chose Sakrohm and Montana because they are great defensive clans. Post here and tell me what you thinksmiley

Saturday 05/05/2007, 22:06

Right first get gramxxst thn Uranus get rid of ingstra and Halley and globumn then in stead of montanas use Uppers
Frankie Hi
all great cards , there u go the 2 best defensives clans in the game with great power and damage

Saturday 05/05/2007, 22:11

My view of an elo Sakrohm/Montana deck:

SkrumxxT 5
Uranus 3
graksmxxt 4
Caciope 1

lyse teria 3
Ottavia 3
Rosa 4
Ricardo 2

and if you don't have lyse teria it could work with Don, but you'll have to play SkrumxxT at level 4 and a lvl 1 Montana instead of Ricardo.

Saturday 05/05/2007, 22:13

0-Luke-EVO, unfortunately jackie is banned in elo...

Saturday 05/05/2007, 22:29

O yh lol completly forgot but still Uppers are a good choice thesedays

Saturday 05/05/2007, 22:31

Thanks a lot ill try them all out smiley

Saturday 05/05/2007, 22:38

Since alot of cards have neen banned Sakrohm and Uppers are like the best team for ELO alot of people use themsmiley

Sunday 06/05/2007, 05:28

Honestly, for a guy with only 20+ cards i doubt you got CR cards... maybe it's all talk but if you can afford KV Raven's proposed build then good luck. Well the good thing is that you can buy credits so you can avail of the really expensive cards:
Well I recall having a battle with Mophral before and this was similar to his deck.

Don *5
Rosa *4
Lyse Teria Cr *3
Giovanni *3
Ottavia *3
Pino *2
Ricardo *2
Uranus *3

Sunday 06/05/2007, 05:50

Just beware fighting against Nightmare, and against stopp bonus cards like Marlissa,2star, 7/2 fang pai.

Tuesday 08/05/2007, 14:52

Yh nightmare's bonus can reali mess a game up but the thing is they havn't reali got great cards smiley


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