offline 6SimS-Sven Guru UTOPiA
Tuesday 06/03/2007, 10:42

As u can see there are a series of cards coming out..and sometimes you dont have to use em all...

Firstly, You think what clan to whatever you use should have a combination of defence and offence or a combination of more
All Stars,sentinels,Uppers,Montana,Roots - offensive
La Junta,Fang Pi Clang,Pussycats-damaging and reducing damages

Unique clans:
Sakrohm-plays a very good defense as well as defence such as cards like Uranus, graksmxxt,SkrumxxT
Ulu Watu-also has huge damage and gives little reducing damage(Nanook,tanaereva,Gabrielle,Wee Lee)

Now u know what each clans for some newbies they always try getting Fang Pi Clang/Pussycats which is bad for u know for some players kv_ravendark uses good decks All for 6sims-haji uses a Pussycats-Sakrohm(i dont know if he still use it)

So if u want to make ur good elo deck first u analyze which is u make ur own combos and styles

offline Gruchul Legend  
Tuesday 06/03/2007, 22:51

You missed Bangers

offline Conan_ganton Hero Sith knights
Wednesday 07/03/2007, 05:20

And Junkz too...
And Roots are quite the same as the Gheists... more like in the abilities category than in the offensive.
Good points nevertheless smiley

offline 6SimS-Sven Guru UTOPiA
Wednesday 07/03/2007, 07:13

Awww alright Bangers is offensive and has a little defense like ulu watus but Bangers aint got someone who has 8 power

offline 6SimS-Sven Guru UTOPiA
Wednesday 07/03/2007, 08:09

Oh Roots no noodile,ratanah,Yookie and beltran has high power....yes it has stop ability but what i mean "äbiities" when i categorized dem is their effects poison 1 min 1... 1 life per damage and more
moreover its just miss twice who has i think 8 power and maybe selsya will have in the GHEIST =)

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