Saturday 02/12/2006, 07:07

I have made that mistake, i bought an extra Gary from Montana at teh market, he doesnt seem to get hte bonus when my evolved Gary is on the board with him. also, what is the bst number of cards in the deck... is it 8 or 10?

Saturday 02/12/2006, 14:46

The bonus of Montanas activate when you have two different Montana cards so both Garys don't work and 8 is the best number of cards in a deck or so what I think others may have different opinions.

Saturday 02/12/2006, 17:41

Listen ok i have 4 cards....i drawn 2 Gary...1 copper...1 Rebecca
*in this situation 2 Gary will not have their bonus(-12 opp attack min smiley only copper and Rebecca will have its bonus(attack smiley
now i have Ottavia,Don and 2 Gary
*now since there will be 2 montanas can support Gary...both Gary, Don and Ottavia will have their bonus activated
bonus activates only when theres another card of the same clan

Sunday 03/12/2006, 03:48

I got that, well i ran into a really nice Sentinel deck, and he runs 3 Carlos and some other commons with high power, and wow, he had a really good killer deck for a cheap price, is that possible if i made a simple Montana deck or if i splice it with Junkz...
so do you think i should buy my 3rd Gary and finihs my deck with a Don?

Sunday 03/12/2006, 10:22

Sure if u want?

Sunday 03/12/2006, 18:55

Hehe, oh well, i guess it aint worth it to have 4 Garys, hehe! might as well concentrate on one guild...

Tuesday 05/12/2006, 23:58

One of the best decks I've seen has 4 doubles of powerful cards in the same guild.

Wednesday 06/12/2006, 03:21

Wow, thats very interesting CKANE, how about this, since i have a pair of Malmoth, should i pair my Crystal and save for a pair of Keanu? and why is Otakool soo expensive?


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