offline Killingshadow Hero  
Friday 08/12/2006, 14:05

I hav

josh max lvl

pino max lvl

zodiac max lvl

vermyn n max lvl

melluzine max lvl

linth max lvl

kinjo 3 lvl

icejim max lvl

what should i do what stratigies should i use tell plz

offline MiauRock Veteran  
Friday 08/12/2006, 23:46

Firstly, be familiarize with this site:

Higher blue, lower red - very good chracter resistance
lower blue, higher red & lot of pilzz - hurt opp plenty

offline Killingshadow Hero  
Saturday 09/12/2006, 06:34

Ok now what

offline Killingshadow Hero  
Saturday 09/12/2006, 13:37

And tell me what can i buy :s

offline Ghost Of Solus Novice  
Saturday 09/12/2006, 13:42

I got a strategy for you.

offline Killingshadow Hero  
Sunday 10/12/2006, 13:04

Hey plzz tell me

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