offline KV Celdin Titan KINGS OF VALACHIA
Friday 08/12/2006, 14:59

Lets say a card with stop opp ability as bonus (noodile) fights against a card who has stop opp bonus as ability (Saddy). What will happen? the ability will get canceled/the bonus will get canceled or they cancel eachother out?

offline BodeCBM-EVO Hero  
Friday 08/12/2006, 18:20

Noodile bonus will work since her ability will stop saddy´s ability (stop opp bonus)

offline MiauRock Veteran  
Friday 08/12/2006, 23:34

Celdin, Bode and whoever else: It's not a problem for consideration.
Impact is always just the same when both characters have not any abilities and bonuses, dontcha think? smiley
Doesnt matter what is cancelled or not...

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